• The thought in someone's head that maybe I meant something to somebody.. I don't care if people I don't know go to school in my name or if they figure out that cancer is bad due to a few bucks I throw their way.
  • I personally would prefer the annual charitable contribution..There are so so many people out in the world who just don't have enough to survive..We gotta learn to take care of each other..I am not a religious person at all..but the one part in the big book of rules that I believe in with all my heart is the part about being your brother doesnt mean brother means gotta take care of the ones that cant take care of themselves..;)
  • Scholarship. That would be the gift that would keep on giving and quite possibly result in someone coming up with some great discovery that would benenfit all of mankind. :)
  • i would like for my heirs to find a child in need and make sure that he or she has a chance in this life. help fund the education and make sure they have proper food and clothing
  • I want land ownership put to an end... I hope I own enough to give it all away!
  • I believe that they are both annual charitable contributions. I would choose the scholarship. My brother is going away to college this fall. I know first hand how hard it can be for some people to find the money to send their child away.
  • Just give me the damned money.
  • I would choose the annual charitable contribution; scholarships are great but I'd go for feeding the children and giving them homes first.
  • For me, I would say the charitable contribution. I think it would be amazing to live on through a cause that you were truly passionate about. If that cause is education, then that's an awesome way to give a child an amazing gift. I know I got a scholarship, and I am grateful everyday that someone made the choice to give back like that. I think that it's so unselfish and amazing when people genuinely want to help others -- the form doesn't even matter so much as the effort.
  • Annual charitable contribution but not in my name.: )
  • I think I'd have to go with scholarship, really. As cliched and tired as it sounds, I'm a big fan of education.

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