• Those who get bullied at school are the weak and / or kids who don't know how OR won't defend and stand up for themselves ... I was like that for several years in school ... UNTIL the day that I hauled back and kicked my attacker square in his Family Jewels and as he bent over gave him a knee to his nose and broke it .... NO ONE ever bothered me again ....
  • Kids who deviate from the norm. Elementary and high schools have their own heirarchy, their own social circles, and their own rules. For boys, those who do not play sports or take part in other active social activities will most likely get picked on. For girls, physical appearance, fashion, and interest in certain issues is necessary. I watched a video about this topic a few weeks ago in a sociology class. Kids can really be vicious.
  • Anybody can get bullied in school. Even the popular people in school.
  • Usually kids who have a lack of self confidence and that are shy. The kids who bully are usually abused.
  • Kids with anything that is outside of the supposed normal...
  • boys bully other boys,in our school lol
  • Usually the children.
  • Or you could phrase your question like this...Who goes to school only to be a bully to the other kids? See how I twisted that around? Ya, I'm ahead of the game lol
  • Kids who are different usually get picked on, especially if they are raised to be polite, and kind, which is perceived to be 'weak'. It is very bad for those who are unusually sensitive.
  • Like myself when i was in school, anyone who cannot stand up for themselves gets bullied!
  • Everyone from my experience

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