• I do hate to see people litter. I do not do that myself. I will put any trash in my purse or pocket and dispose of it properly.
  • I am one of those people that throw my cig butts out the's not illegal, as long as it's still on fire. Birds also use the butts in their nests as well...
  • It is my opinion that they need a trashbag inside thier car! That is just so rude!
  • they should be made to spend several hours picking up litter off of the streets, while wearing a sign that says i don't care about the planet , because i litter
  • they should be thrown out of a car themselves ....see how they feel after it :P
  • They don't have respect for others or regard for their own image.
  • Drives me crazy. Its so irresponsible and completely unnecessary.
  • I think they're pigs. My s/o was like that when we met. She stopped doing it. With a little coaxing. I've taught my daughters not to throw things out the window but there are a few exceptions and conditions that apply. Gum and apple cores are an exception for me but they only get tossed out when the roadside is wooded, never wher someone is living and never where someone might walk. Paper, plastic, trash and anything that won't break down will never go out the window.
  • Ignorant and destroyers!
  • My opinion is they should be happy that I don't know where they end up parking their car (usually). I've been known to put trash back INTO a car a time or two. Well, not known by the people who own the car...
  • We used to call them litter bugs, now I call them litter pigs !! I see it all the time, they throw their garbage out their car window and I have to pick up it up off my lawn. :(
  • I despise people that litter.
  • Nothing irritates me more than driving behind somebody and a cigarette butt slams off my windshield. Its right up there with the lazy SOB's who can't return the shopping carts because they are too lazy to walk a few extra feet.
  • It drives me crazy.... how hard is it to use a trash can...
  • Typical activity of those who don't concern themselves with the rights of others. Everything revolves around them and their immediate wants/needs and as far as others are concerned, they simply don't matter. There are, unfortunately, a lot of them around. :( I am not fond of these people.
  • <searching back seat> "I know my airsoft is around here somewhere..."
  • I think of them as cluttered also in terms of planning out their life.
  • They are sinners!! :0)
  • It makes me so angry,i never drop litter id rather carry it around until i find a bin before just chucking it on the floor.
  • They are lazy people who obviously have no concern for anyone else in the world. What is really amazing is that many of those people actually think that cigarette butts AREN'T litter! "It's just a cigarette butt, not trash."
  • Well .. you've already loaded the appropriate word into your question: careless. But I'd go further. It's disrespectful and irresponsible. Disrespectful of both Mother Earth / the planet .. and of all the other humans they're "co-habiting" with. Irresponsible as there is no regard for their role in the grand order of things. Imagine if each individual on the planet .. the gazillions of us .. did the same. We would be in a garbage heap. Never mind giving them a stern look or even a "talking to". Never mind jail. Never mind a fine. No, nothing better than to have those people spend some time PICKING UP all that stuff - "carelessly" tossed by others just like them. Not just for an hour .. or an afternoon .. but for a full day .. then another .. and another .. suiting length of time to the attitude seen. Short answer? "aarrgghh" re: those kinds of people!!
  • oh, these kind of people? well, what they are doing will simply reflect on their personality..if you have care for the environment, it means you also care for yourself..if you are a messy person, then it's okey for you to have such a dirty place!!!
  • They should try doing that in Singapore, they will publically cane you for spitting on the street
  • Make them walk the plank!! Argh!
  • Slobs and potential firebugs. +5
  • I like to be clean and be organized. If I don't feel like carrying around trash though, I will set it down some where that makes sense, like by other trash or some where I will find it later and pick it up. But I wont go around aimlessly assorting my trash as if it where on display. Honestly I don't care to much, but If we didn't deal with it our planet would be a dump. maybe some people want that.

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