• It would be a little of both,ending in entrapment.
  • Aye.. indeed but for them tis legal.
  • No, at least not in Tennessee. There is no entrapment law in this state. Solicitation is also negative, since a sex act is never fulfilled.
  • NOPE; I believe that "STING" operations are Necessary . If you aren't interested in comiting a CRIME .. don't worry about it .... don't do anything illegal ; and you will be just fine.
  • I know the answer to this. No. Solicitation is asking somebody to do something illegal in exchange for something of value. That doesn't happen in sting operations. Entrapment is only entrapment if somebody does something illegal, because of the police, that they most likely wouldn't have done otherwise. It's pretty hard to successfully use entrapment as a defense. Because you would have to show that the alleged criminal wouldn't have done the act anyway. Which is what a prosecutor would have show beyond a reasonable doubt to convict an officer of entrapment.
  • Entrapment no, solicitation yes. I've always had trouble with the concept of entrapment. This is a tree falling in the forest thing, or a chicken and the egg thing. Some think that without one there cannot be the other. As if to say that the pedaphile would not be a pedaphile if the very young looking cop was not their to tempt him. I don't see entrapment as moral or legal argument in any sting. Now with solicitation, the legal entity has to put itself out there. They are "fishing". I don't see a moral or legal problem here either.

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