• We had a high school math and science teacher who said he had to study to keep ahead of his students. He brought chemistry, physics and trigonometry classes into a school which had not had them before. There were times when we would get ahead of him in some of the knowledge but he studied and learned with us and surpassed most of us so he could teach. He is a good example of a teacher who maybe was a "can't". He developed many, many, scientists and engineers during his teaching career in the students that went on to college and professional careers. We all admired him for his efforts and the fact that he was willing to learn just as we were. I met him again last summer. I was a freshman during his first year of teaching and in his first trigonometry class.
  • Life sure is an adventure.
  • Without teachers those who can......couldn't
  • You know I love you, Ro, but no sale. Someone taught Hitler (like reading, math , history, etc.) too...
  • I like "People who can do. People who can do better teach."
  • Alot of those people who 'do'.. actually teach too and some of those that 'do'.., teach teachers and professors too.

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