• like any painting it tells a story my guess is they are playing hoping people will like there music and drop money in the guitar case so they can make some money and maybe cut a record deal if the right person walks by. hope this helps
  • I too have a painting by Ida Jackson entitled "Madonna." However, after doing some research, I discovered that the actual artist of this original Madonna is Brenda Joysmith. That painting in its limited edition is $4,000.00. The one I have has a high-end appearance because it looks like an oil painting but it is not. I am not certain of the value today. I purchased it some years ago for about $100.00. I am assuming that Ida Jackson is an artist that copies images of other artists. I can't come up with any other explanation as to why I have seen so many paintings with her name, however, the original paintings are by other artists. To find the original artist of your painting, try cross referencing your search, i.e. search for the description of your painting then narrow it down from there; e.g. black jazz men, etc. Good Luck!

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