• According to the "fact sheets" at Honda's web site, the Si version has "Tachometer with Rev-limit Indicator" while the other versions have a "Tachometer". This leads me to believe that your car does not have a "shift light". 'Shift lights' are commonly used on cars in drag racing, so that the driver knows when to shift without having to look at the tachometer. It really isn't needed in normal driving. If you overrev the engine, the engine control computer will cut off fuel delivery and/or spark until the engine slows down to a mechanically safe speed.
  • my guess would be that it doesn't if you are not sure. any car that i have driven with a "shift light" has a tendency to come on before i shift, i like to enjoy a little more performance than the light does. i am driving a '01 civic ex coupe and i don't have a shift light. from the other other answer, it sounds like the "shift light" in the si is an idiot light. what my sister's '01 saturn has is more for someone who just doesn't know how to drive stick

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