• No. I did love the character Wilson though. It's now my favorite Wilson. Sorry Wilson Pickett.
  • I like the movie but it was very long I had to get up and do something in the middle of the movie then I came back and finished it.
  • It was the first film I ever saw which successfully made me cry. Poor WIlson... *sniff*. So for that, it was ok
  • yes and was kinda weird, but compelling at the same time and ofcourse wilson made the movie..that's some prime acting there. such emotion! such skill!
  • I thought it was a great effort on Tom Hanks part. I also liked the reality of the ending, everyone didn't wait for him, life went on, sad but true. Happens to people who are in comas too. Oh and Wilson was fab.
  • One of my favorites. You get to see this impatient, always-moving guy turn into something else entirely, and you share his isolation as the movie turns almost silent. I thought Cast Away did a great job of making you experience what he was going through.
  • Um, it made me feel like I was stranded on an island forever watching a supid movie.
  • I loved that movie! WILSON! WILSON! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO? WILSON!..."My name's Voit, dumbass." HAHAHAHHA!
  • Yes ... and the end was great ... where's WILSON? WILLLLSON !!!! I'm sorry Wilson ...
  • Anything with Tom Hanks in is always going to be a great film. This one is no exception.
  • This was an awsum movie. I would watch this movie at least twice a week if i could. THat would suck to come home to a wife who has already moved on.. omg.. id be so depressed. All i would have thought about was my wife and now that im back shes gone again. Wut a bummer.

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