• Tell them to go into the corner, assume the fetal position, rock themselves, while sobbing thier eyes out and die. Or to sum it up "Do the world a favor and go die in a corner somewhere.
  • If you hate them just because of who or what they are: Leave them alone and ignore them. They have a right to be here and breath the same air just as you do. You don't have to like them but you don't have to be a butthead to them either. If you hate them because they are being mean to you, or bullying you, or whatever: tell them to leave you alone and stop being such a pain in the *ss. That by doing such stupid stuff they only make themselves look bad and people will not like them because of their attitude and the way they behave towards others. You can get the upper hand on this person just by being the better person and not letting him/her bring you down to their level.
    • Crazychick
      I've tried your suggestion, Anonymoose, but I still don't feel I've got the upper hand over him yet. I've got this sneaking suspicion that he's still lurking around under another screen name waiting to swoop on me again. BTW I like your screen name. Lol:)
  • You could do what an old co worker of mine did to another. Crap in their boots and leave a note.
  • well, you can do wat i did... but it was a last resort... i slept with their older sister. she was 17, i was 15, it seemed like the right thing to do... and he left me alone!
  • Tell them you don't like them and turn away and don't talk to them. riz--
  • stamp "hated" on there forehead XD. (don't stamp hated on my forehead plz)
  • Don't talk to them and ignore them completely.
  • look them in the face and say, "I hate you". simple, and effective
  • well if u hate them that bad. instead of being so damn blunt expalin to the person why u "dislike them"
  • p**sing on their leg I think that would let them know !!
  • you are so annoying! just die, why don't you?! or i hate you or when you die, i'll eat cake and throw cenfetti or F.O.D.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • There is only one person I hate on this site (and he hasn't posted anything new this last week or so). I've left plenty of comments to let him know in no uncertain terms what I think of him.

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