• wow, that's a little harsh don't ya think? I'm not a huge fan of Obama either but I wouldn't go that far. He hasn't ordered anyone into concentration camps or threatened people so that they would like him. I'd say they are definatly not similar.
  • No similarities at all!!He is TRYING to HELP people NOT KILL THEM!! I don`t like talk like that about my President!!
  • Hitler used his country's economic problems as a means to ride to power by politically scapegoating racial, ethnic, and religious minorities. Obama is attempting to actually solve our country's economic problems, and is refusing to scapegoat anybody in the process, choosing instead to speak honestly and candidly to all of us. If you can't tell the difference between the two, you're an idiot.
  • Hitler had fewer talk show fed brainless idiots to oppose him.
  • the difference is one lived in the same period you lived and the other dind't come close the simiralities is they both had come across ignorant and childish people.
  • An interesting question... Both men were just that - men. Mr.A learned his life lessons in the bloody trenches of World War One, and on the streets of a broken and bankrupt nation just after the war. Mr. B learned his from the streets of Harvard Law school & Chicago - in a nation which had problems - but nothing as bleak or hopeless as Mr. A's. Mr. A wanted to change his nation for the better - he believed a strong Germany could only be had with a strong & great leader - and he wanted to be that leader - and he used means both fair and foul to acheve those ends. Mr. B wanted to change his nation too, but not as dramatically, he wanted to "fine tune" things, not some wholsale change of everything. He believed himself capable of leading this country - but had no false illusions that he would be a Great & strong president. Mr. A was a great speaker - a firebrand, yet he preached hatred as much as he preached prosperity. Mr. A always had those to hate, Jews, Russians, labor unions, socialists, and the great minds of his day. Mr. B is a great speaker - a communicator, and he talks of unity and respect and comunity - but never hatred. In diversity there is streingth - in conformity there is weakness. Mr.A Lead Germany into a war it could never win, and the results of his efforts was a totally shattered nation which took many rears to rebuild. Mr. B has no use for conflict unless it brings our enemies to justice, he inherited a brused country with a shattered economy - and he is working to restore both that and to fix out nations destroyed reputation around the world. Just my opinion.
  • Hitler preached Christian values, burned books, killed Jews by the millions, killed non-Aryans by other millions, started unnecessary wars, banned abortion at home, restricted freedom of the press at home, initiated secret government organizations to keep tabs on 'the people', and got their kids to 'report' their parents for not being loyal to their Imperious Leader. I'm sorry, were we talking about Bu$h or Obama?
  • I would really appreciate it if you can tell me why you would want to even think of compairing Obama to Hitler? Hitler HATED Jews. He had them killed because of their religion! What a dumb question...
  • If you could tell me why you want to compair Hitler to Obama, I would appreciate it. Hitler hated Jews. He had them killed because of their religion. Obama....? Far from it. I think Obama is the best thing that ever happend to this country.
  • UniqU3... Obama may not hate Jews as much as Hitler did, but he still hates them. He just has been politically correct to the Jewish Community. That's it. But his speech in UN was the MOST hateful toward Israel, out of ALL US presidents combined. He may be the first US President under whom the US will turn it's back to Israel. Similarity I see is this: Hitler liked a power and dictatorship and so does Obama. Why I have never heard before, only now, after BO became a President, that BO wants to change a US constitution to be a president forever??
  • This is a question that a lot of people won't touch. I am not "a lot of people" The fact is that they actually have much in common. You just have to look past the Atrocities to humanity that Hitler perpetrated. Policies are eerily alike in a few ways. Time Magazine made Hitler "Man of the Year" in 1936 (hmmm he was loved) From a sight I found talking about his economic policies they right... "It was a political party that acted much in the same way the American Left does in regard to unemployment and trying to use the government to decrease it. It notes that the Nazis used public works to a large extent, which is exceedingly leftist, and put people to work for the State." (sound like anyone we know?) Here is another quote from a book "Nazi Germany was successful in solving the unemployment problem, but after a few years the expansion of the money supply was threatening to create inflation." (someone has been printing money like there is no tomorrow) I don't have time now to post more but I think it is safe to say that Obama, like hitler, has a socialist style agenda. Obama is not the TERRIBLE person that Hitler was but he can still have his similarities. I for one don't like it.

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