• Yes. So is crossing the street; you might get hit by a motorcycle...
  • No I do.
  • Yes. A two wheeled vehicle is dangerous and naturally prone to danger..
  • more so than a car. It's dangerous because cars have a hard time seeing you, especially in the blind spots of their mirrors. They should turn their heads to look as well, but many drivers don't
  • It is dangerous in areas with heavy traffic.
  • I think given their size and weight they can be. People don't see the motorcycle sometimes and with its weight coming down on them is an accident can be bad. But I like 'em. Just have to be watchful for your own saftey. +5
  • I think it is, because of the visibility in traffic; motorcycles are a hard to see small target on the road. another problem are cars, theres two many blind spots that completely block out a motorbike. if your a daily rider, be very cautious.
  • No I don't if you are trained, never speed, alert to the dangers on the road, and if you wear proper adequate safety gear. Thousands of riders are on the road each day and get to work and back safely. But there are many 'road warriors' and 'squids', or people that decide to try riding, maybe later in life, without training, that are out there and they often get hurt. Most motorcycle accidents are actually one vehicle accidents, not other cars hitting them. It's usually rider error, speeding, not watching for things like gravel and road debris, that gets riders hurt.
  • It can be if the motorcycle operator is not extremely cautious. I have ridden behind friends who I trust with my life, and enjoyed it very much. But, a friend of mine just broke her arm when her husband hit a pothole in the road and lost control of his bike. Motorcyles are great fun, but you need to be sober, clear-headed and very aware of your surroundings.
  • Motorcyclists were 35 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash per vehicle mile traveled in 2006 and eight times more likely to be injured, according to NHTSA. see this site for more...
  • Yep for a guy. Not for the obvious reason that you don't have as much vehicle protecting you. Guys who ride motorcycles often are more likely to develope ED. Yikes! Yea...I wouldn't do it too often. The vibrations that are generalized in that area when your riding is not good for your guy. You can probably find this article online somewhere. I can't remember where it was from though.
  • Riding a motorcycle is not dangerous. Falling off a motorcycle or colliding with other objects is....;-D... In all seriousness, there are two main dangers to motorcyclists: 1) Themselves - A friend of mine pointed me to statistics about motorcycle deaths/injuries. It turns out that that the main 'organ donors' are A) Young B) Unlicensed or recently licensed C) drunk and D) Not wearing a helmet. If you have been riding a motorcycle more than 6 months, are not drunk, and are wearing a helmet, the accident/injury rate goes *way* down. 2) Other drivers - The two most common motorcycle accidents are A) Motorcyclist loses control and hits stationary object (see point 1 above) and B) Vehicle driver doesn't see motorcyclist and either runs into the motorcyclist or puts their vehicle where the motorcyclist can't avoid it. The key in this case is for the motorcyclist to drive like he/she is invisible. I've found that drivers are courteous and attentive to motorcyclists WHEN THEY SEE THEM. But it's best to assume that they don't until proven otherwise. Much like flying, motorcycle riding isn't all that dangerous, but terrain is unforgiving of mistakes. . . .
  • Like many other things that you do daily, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. If you had to give up everything that was dangerous, you would have surprisingly little to do.
  • yes it is dangerous.
  • As it is, there are far more dangerous things. If you do it responsibly, and with skill then no. However - other drivers can be complete idiots, and it is them who make riding a motorbike daily dangerous.
  • Here in Puerto Rico it is very dangerous. People drive like crazy and motorcycle accidents are very common, very costly and very fatal.
  • ... depends on many things ... ... exactly what you ride, where & how you ride it, and what are the road conditions like while you are riding it ... ... it certainly can be very dangerous, but proper understanding and proper procedures for safety can reduce or eliminate danger ...
  • It is in CT. Not due to the driver of the motorcycles most of the time.
  • I ride daily in Taiwan; it is definitely dangerous and I have to be extremely observant when I ride, which includes braking going into every intersection regardless of the light being green. There is a reason that my bike has an aftermarket super-loud horn, a bright green paintjob, and a throaty exhaust - I want everyone to be aware of me and keep away. Scooters actually drive worse than the cars do here and are the cause of far more accidents than the cars. But due to the lower speed limits, accidents are rarely fatal.
  • Yes, just because of the exposure to injury. People 'don't see' motorcycles. Drive Safe.
  • People with motorcycles often have more daring than brains. They red line their little wind-up toy motor and make noise unnecessarily, and make videos of themselves accelerating unreasonably, veering around traffic, driving twice the speed limit. Actually, now that you brought it up, I hate motorcycles.
  • Yes But I'm gonna keep doing it anyway.
  • Yes, but you may as well live before you die!
  • Of course! Who says no, also if you ride it daily it may increase the chance of the rider to crash so of course its dangerous.
  • It is dangerous, but so is any form of transportation. Unfortunately on a motorbike you do not have as much protection as in a car.
  • And annoying. What's up with the imagined need to hyper red-line the foolish thing next to my window? Are you trying to impress me? Because you are. You're impressing me that I hate motorcycles.
  • The more times you gamble, the more likely you are to loose. Still ride daily, but be EXTREMELY careful.

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