• I think I was in my mid forties. I had started to use reading glasses at 38 so I could read the dictionary but the aches and pains started about forty-five.
  • A week last friday!
  • ... not yet ... ... my 50th birthday is next month & I still feel like a child ... ... we do not stop playing because we grow old, rather we grow old because we stop playing ... so, keep playing and stay young ... ... live forever or die trying !!!
  • For me it was when I was about 31 and a cute 23yr. old girl called me sir.
  • I started feeling old around age 45, when my ankles swelled up and I was tired all the time, and could barely walk. I had to rent an electric scooter to take the kids around at Disneyland. Then my doctor put me on cholesterol and blood pressure medication, and all the problems cleared up and I felt healthy and younger again. The kids were disappointed I could walk, because they could no longer use the handicapped lane at Disneyland.
  • When I hurt my back and my doctor said is was a bulging disc that was just part of aging.... it made me feel a bit old!
  • This year... I am turning 40.... booo hooo I need a hug...
  • When I had a terrible back pain In my upper back.
  • My first time has not come yet and I am now 64.
  • Old what?
  • I was in Washington DC at the Ford Theatre looking after Pres Lincoln and the traffic cop was looking sternly at my car double parked, so i ran over to it and the cop said, "Slow down Oldtimer, I'm not going to give you a ticket." I had never cursed a cop before.
  • Never yet ... wise sometimes, but never old :-) I think "old" has more to do with social mores and chronology than emotional or physical effects. Living my life by the mantra of, "LEARN EVERY DAY" has insulated me from age ... having learned new things, on purpose every day has meant that age is not a factor, so I guess I'll feel old when I can't feed myself :-)
  • Actually it was yesterday for the 1st time in my life. I didn't like it either.
  • hmmmmmm wen i got 25 years
  • I still feel like teen, so sexy and ready for rocket 247.
  • Just Now that you've asked me to consider it!
  • One morning when I was about 35 I looked in the mirror when getting ready for work and didn't recognize the person in the mirror. It was a shock - it was the first time I saw myself as an adult.
  • Inactivity, because about a year ago when I got this foot spur making it difficult to walk and gaining so much weight as a result. I'm 68 now.
  • The first time I felt a hangover.
  • When I went back to college when I was 24. I had a child and still looked young, but all the rest of the people were teenagers and it did feel a bit strange.
  • I can't say that I relate how I feel to my age. I can say that aches and pains are a bit more intense and linger longer than they did...oh, 40 years ago, but I'm truly in great shape and very healthy! Age is, at least in part, a state-of-mind. I'm the same person I was at 15...I like hot cars and ride a bike (motorcyle) so I can't say I feel 58(my next b'day). My question would be, what does it feel like to be 58? Who cares!
  • I felt well enough and strong physicaly when I turned forty but the idea of being that old depressed me a lot.
  • Old is something you see from the outside. Inside you never grow old
  • I really felt old when I had to get the old people pill case to deal with all the crappy decisions I made in my misspent youth.
  • when i had sex

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