• Was his crime trying to commit suicide? No Was it murder? Yes Was it fraud? No Was it theft? No Was the radio on AM? Not important Did he listen to music on the radio? No Was he a suicide bomber? No Was he being hunted by the police at that point? No Did he fail to kill his intended target? No Was he actively fleeing the police? No Was he awaiting to hear a radio announcer talk about his crime? No Was he the DJ for that station? Yes Was he on the radio (pre-recorded) when he listened? Yes Was there evidence against him on the raio?
  • He heard on the news that some inmates who were part of an experimental drug program where he had been in prison, were now dying a terrible death from the drug they took.
  • I have heard this - The man has given his bed room phone number for a radio call in program and when he listened to the radio, a male voice answered the call to his bed room phone.
  • I love these things okay he turned on the radio and he heard that the police were looking for him ?
  • I know, I know. "I shot the sherrif but I did not shoot the deputy" LOL
  • He heard in the radio, the police talking how they were going to persecute him and where they would find him. HE HEARD HIS NAME! OH OH, he thought the radio guy, was speaking to him!
  • Okay if he was the dj on the station he was listening to and he killed himself because he didn't hear anything then I think I’ve heard this. He had placed an extremely long song on giving him enough time to go home and kill his wife on the way back he turned on the radio to hear nothing meaning the song had ended which had ruined his alibi so he committed suicide?
  • It was a police radio and he was a cop?
  • To solve the mystery why his radio quit playing. He finds out that the butler did it in the study and used acandlestick with the help of Mr Peacock. Mr bIll
  • Into not 'in to'. Your sentence says he becomes the police. I guess it was a police radio and it finished giving the job out, then.
  • He wrecked his car into a cop car.

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