• It took SOUTH PARK to get through to him!!! Sounds like a lost cause to me, as well as a lack of talent on his part.
  • He must of felt Heartless..if I have to hear that song one more time I will go crazy:):)LOL:) It is so overplayed:):) Uh Uh..Kiss My Butt Beavis:):)LOL:P
  • still think he's a twit.
  • I agree with heartless yo! "The Queen Has Spoken!"
  • Why does he have to result to a broadcasted illustration of himself to alter his ways.
  • it was actually quite endearing to read that he does recognize his behavior and the motives behind it... but the truth is old habits die hard, actions speak louder than words, and all that jazz...
  • "whatever dude"
  • I didn't see South Park, kdp. My general impression of Kanye West is negative. All I "know" about him is that he seems to be full of himself and has hissy fits when he doesn't win all the awards he thinks he deserves. I have no idea what he sounds like or if he is creative/unique/or even good. His attitude is offputting. If the skewering addressed his big ego, I don't know if it's possible for him to change. He's not a young kid ya know. He is a grownup so changing himself because of being criticized for someone who thinks he is the cat's pajamas is problematic I think! :)

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