• It's a mistake to let the Catholic church run the legal system. However, in this case I think the excommunication did them some good: now they can start the long journey from the land of superstition back to reality.
  • It was probably the Archbishop who raped her in the first place and got pissed off cause he couldn't have any more booty
  • I think the archbishop should have done the Christian thing and offered to carry the babies himself. The little girl was raped! Since the archbishop presumably doesn't have any children he doesn't know what that means to a have your child so brutally violated. I think carrying the twins for 9 months might have opened his eyes and heart and soul and spirit so that he would have become more "Christian" in his outlook. Happy Friday! :)
  • I'm against abortion in general. But I do believe the woman (or girl) has the right of choice. If a woman chooses to have sex without birth control she has made her choice. But this girl did not make that choice. By my figuring, then, she has the right to an abortion. I do, somewhat, question the definition of the abortion as "life-saving", though. But I totally think excommunicating the mother and medical team was wrong. While I understand, if not fully agreeing with, the RC teaching on abortion and characterization of it as murder, I have yet to hear of anybody else who committed murder and was excommunicated.
  • It's not my place to judge a religion. This is their belief and I respect their right to believe as they want and to "kick someone out" of their religion if they want to. As the medical team and the mother didn't adhere to that particular religion's teachings, they were "excommunciated". So what? That's their right. It's not like they were beaten with sticks or tortured or put in jail. They were simply "kicked out". It's not like they don't have a million other religions to choose from if they still want to be "religious". It's not the only game in town. My opinion is basically "so what?"
  • DISCUSTING!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe the stance that that arch bishop has taken towards that family. Isnt it enough that that poor girl was raped by her own step father but now they wanted her to risk her life to deliver the bastards children? Her body isnt nearly mature enough to carry twins to term let alone deliver them. The Vatican is ex communicating them because the CHILD wants to live and REMAIN A CHILD. It just makes my opinion of the catholic church even stronger. This is wrong.
  • Pregnancy is a traumatic (occaisionally fatal) experience for the body of a full grown woman, never mind a nine year old, it is entirely plausible that childbirth could have killed her, a caesarian would have been difficult too. Catholicism has nothing to do with genuine christianity, this incident only goes to prove it, morality according to blind faith is no morality at all.
  • +6 points for the stupidity of the Catholic church... Seriously, cristians are always saying that it's not for a person to judge but for god himself to do that... And Cristianity is all about respecting the other's opinion, even if it's wrong... Who the heck does the archbishop thinks he his?... Man... I hate religion... It's full of corruption, money, power-hunger, machism and ignorance...
  • Shocking really, you have to love the fact that although her stepfather committed the abuse he's not being excommunicated.
  • They were catholic I am surprised the Pope didn't do that to Pelosi when she was dumb enough to visit him, if it had been me I'd done it on the spot 55 Million babies killed to date more people than that of Iraq, these baby killers will never stop.
  • That sounds about the usual level of compassion shown by the Catholic Church.
  • I really don't understand people.
  • I forgive the mother and the medical team.
  • This can be answered by a scripture... Not specifically but by means of a principle... Jesus asked us for mercy not sacrifice... (Matthew 12:7) However, if YOU had understood what this means, ‘I want mercy, and not sacrifice,’ YOU would not have condemned the guiltless ones. Even though an abortion is against God's laws, mercy for the girl is more important. The archbishop is acting like the Pharisees of Jesus' time...sticking to the letter of the law but having no love for the people's suffering. (Matthew 23:24) Blind guides, who strain out the gnat but gulp down the camel!
  • I think too many here are pointing the finger at christians and catholics. I think this is just one idiot, blinding by his religion, that he can't see this little girl for what she is. A little girl. The bishop should be ashamed of himself and ask for forgiveness. I can bet that they will still find a church to go to if that's their wish.
  • I am a pro life person, BUT!!!!!! this is one of the instances that I would definitely choose abortion as well. (I am pro life because abortion is used more as a way of birth control, I'm not against it in some instances like rape) Religion is a dangerous thing, and in some places in the world religion is the back bone of the society...I feel very sorry for them and I hope that this little girl will be okay, and that everyone else that got excommunicated will realize that religion is man made traditions.
  • Well that demonstrates excellently the compassion of those who would have us believe that we're all going to hell in a handcart for not believing in God! I would have excommunicated the rapist from his genitals as a first move! The child has been through the trauma of rape, the terror of knowing she could die if she carried twins to term, the undoubtedly numerous examinations by medical professionals that could only add to her distress and then undergone an abortion - what the hell do they think can be plausibly correct in punishing her mother and medical team with excommunication after that.
  • These actions of the local archbishop are not of God. Don't worry about any of it. THere is only a relationship between the people and God. No middle men needed.
  • The trouble with the church is that it is run by people and some of those people are ridiculous. If the local archbishop's actions are considered Christian then God help the church! It's about time the church took a more sensible approach towards abortion.

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