• haha...the it. i would have to agree with you there...screw tsunamis/ floods/volcanoes and twisters! i think because the others are the elements of earth and the earthquake just seems like raw earth power/energy! how exciting!
  • I am sorry that you have not had the... dare I say "pleasure" . .I have been fortunate through the ones that I have been near... and hope you are never near enough one you might wish to witness at this time.
  • I've driven through the remnants of a hurricane, so I wouldn't mind experience the full force of one. Blizzards would be fun.
  • Firstly, I believe that the words "I've always fancied giving an earthquake a go" have ever been said before (funny). I would have to go for an avalanche so I could board my way down it
  • Hmmm....I have seen a volcano erupting although it does it all the time so it was quite safe.....yeah I think an earthquake would be a sight to see; not sure how close I want to be though ;0)
  • earthquake, as long as i was in a safe place, however there are people in the world that have to deal with natural disasters all the time and i bet anything they would rather they didnt!!!!!
  • Something about volcanoes appeals to me.. when you see it start to blow and you have "x" amount of time to gather your family and get the hell outta Dodge!!!
  • Well I have lived thou a Earthquake (Northridge CA). A flood (Las Vegas NV). Tornado (Lake Orion MI) and A hurricane (Port Aranas TX). And to tell you the truth, I'm done with the whole concept. If I had to choose a "Natural disaster" It would be a shortage of Snicker bars in the world. Sorry, but I have faced death one to many times to wish one upon me. +5 to you for the question my friend.
  • I'm gonna go with a good old flood.
  • A tempest in a teacup will be just right for me, thanks.
  • I think seein a Volcano explode would be awesome!
  • Natural disaster may be "cool" for the spectator to see from afar, but not for those who have their homes destroyed, their lives uprooted, and everything they know as reality to be turned upside down. Take from someone who lived through Katrina and continues to see the devastation every day for the last 3 1/2 years. Also, my uncle lived through a landslide in Venezuela about 8 years ago. He watched as homes and dead people came rushing down the mountain of Caracas into the sea. He stood on his roof for many days before he was finally rescued by helicopter. Natural disaster may be natural, but it's not pretty.
  • I am okay with hurricanes. I've been though several and they really are an astonishing display of nature's power. I have been in one earthquake and would not like to do that again. There is just something 'unsettling' (pun intended) about the ground not holding me up anymore. I kinda depend on that.

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