• I don't know, but I like to think it is true
  • To some extent, yes but not as a rule. Life is too random. Sometimes you just get what you don't "deserve". Regardless I won't stop spreading kindness because I don't feel assured I'll get it in return.
  • Yes, I do.
  • I certainly DO .... I have stood in the pulpit MANY times and talked 'n Preached about KARMA .... AND; Karma is among us all ...
  • yes seen it many times in life and military if you are a butthead it will come back to you in force one day.
  • not all the time
  • Absolutely. Huge karma fan here.
  • No I do not, it is a total fallacy. Some of the cruelist people I have ever known have great lives and some of the kindest get treated dreadfully and die early.
  • absolutely not. that is a petty revenge mentality. it means what you recieve you will give. now the way the phraise is supposed to go "what goes around comes around" means karma, what you do will also happen back to you. no, I do not believe that either. the best people I know are broke because of crappy people ruling the finances of this nation. they screw their minimum wage employees destroying their lives, IF they are caught they get half their billions lost in fines... they are still better off than the vast majority of good americans.
  • No, there are some people who treat everyone like crap and always get away with it, they think that it's just a birthwight that they get to take advantage of others, either that or they just do not care.
  • Very true,life cycle is like this
  • I absolutely believe in Karma. Karma in what you do as well as in what you think. For example, if you continue to think and act negatively then negative stuff is bound to happen. But if you behave, feel and think positively then not only will you feel good but good stuff will be drawn to you. Ultimately, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
  • 'do unto others what you would have them do unto you'....consequences come for all of us eventually.
  • I like to think it does, actually I hope it does. I'm patiently waiting for the friend who betrayed me to experience betrayal herself.
  • I've worked with too many thrown-away, abandoned, neglected children to believe in that. Sometimes it happens, but it's rare. Check out Donald Trump. he's a hateful spiteful person who walks on others just for fun, and he's in great physical shaape, and rich..
  • nope, I can name a few people right now who have been ascaping karma, and itll never catch up to them, ironically people love them but dont beleive the rumors about them. if your charasmatic you can do NO wrong.
  • I do to a certain extent. If you are lazy you wont get anywhere in life, if you eat too much you will get fat, if you hurt others you will have a bad reputation. However it's not all black & white. In this society, many good people are punished for doing the right thing as the law doesn't agree with it but then again, with this saying, I don't really think the law applies.
  • From what I have seen, not in this life. Most that I have known that lie and cheat enjoy the benefits of where it gets them. For me personally, yes I do believe in it.
  • yes,I do,I have seen it by my own eyes so many times all ready(plz dont ask 4 detals am litil tyerd) :) +2
  • Nah, but it helps to bridge the despair of being had by someone.
  • Not really. I have seen too many people that deserve their, "just rewards," and seem to skate right through it. At the same time, good will can go unnoticed.
  • I dont believe in karma

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