• I think our rights should be respected, as we are comfortable in our own ways and wish to stay this way.
  • I agree with C.D.Bone. Just because we aren't the life of the party, or a social butterfly, that doesn't mean that we are any less human. Everyone has their own comfort zone. Shy people certainly aren't going out of their way to make others uncomfortable.
  • I think that they're often misunderstood because they aren't as vocal as extraverts. A truly shy person doesn't want to be "rescued" from it as if it's a disease. They don't want to be drawn out of their shell so they can have more fun. Just because xyz is fun for an extravert doesn't mean it is fun for an introvert, and it isn't just a case of them being "too shy to enjoy themselves" - they are enjoying themselves THEIR way, so let them be. If a non-shy person wouldn't want to be relentlessly needled and bullied into withdrawing from a party because a pushy person thought they'd have more fun that way, then they shouldn't do the opposite to a shy person. To each his own. That's my take.
  • I think you are either resposible and brave - or you are irresponsible and shy. I'll quiet down if others are talking - but I do have important things to say. I've done toastmasters, taken dance lessons etc - plus I've a pretty good education backing me up - all of that is so I could become the life of the party - and a vocal responisble member of society. To just be shy - and to settle for that - you'll end up just getting what other people force on you. It is not a good plan.
  • The worst mistake anyone can do with a shy person, is to try and force them to be someone they are clearly not
  • Sometimes people are perceived as being shy because they are caughtup in their own thoughts or are just afraid of what others think of them. They may be self centered (not in an egotistical way), but I think the term "introvert" is a great word to use for a shy person. They are drawn inward, into themselves, into their own fantasies, hopes and dreams and may have a difficult time focusing on the people around them. I'm shy in many situations, but not in others. If I don't feel like I have much to contribute to a conversation (ex, I don't about the topic or aren't sure of my opinion yet) I may keep quiet until I feel more comfortable, while in other situations I will talk to total strangers about anything you could possibly imagine. I don't know, guess it depends on my mood a bit.
  • I`m shy myself, love to be social but get paralyzed with fear. My experiece is that shy people are often misunderstood as stupid or arogant (specially in USA it`s like having idiot written in your forhead and everyone seems to try taking advantage of that). Shy people is after what i have found out more inteligent than average and absolutly not arogant...
  • Their shyness makes it difficult for them to act in a manner appropriate for school. When they attempt to do essays in front of their class or plays it is hard for them, so when they stutter it makes them seem less smart, which is most likely untrue. Someone could be very smart, but timid. I personally like shy people. They are a nice contrast to the loud world that surrounds us.
  • I am very shy and have had to try to fight it all my life. It can be very hard and lonely.
  • I have to sons both are very different but are bothe very shy My 11 yr old is shy in as much as he does not have the confidence to aproach someone even if he knows them he will always wait to be aproached. But he will stand up infront of a big audience and recite something. My 6yr old is very popular at school and does not have the approach issue as he seems to atract others but he hates to be centre of attention and if he was talking to a teacher (for example) about something and then realised he had attracted the attentionof others he would just stop talking. When in Nursery they even questioned if he had a spech problem beacuse he didn't talk but he was certainly talking at home.
  • As a person who was shy man I use to hate when woud people would constantly ask why do I stick to myself. Shy people aren't crazy people just people who are wrapped up in different thoughts!
  • shyness can 'come across as arrogance
  • +5. . . I am a shy person but if I spoke instead of listen then you could talk less. So I do everyone a favor and listen and they can express themselves to their fullest

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