• 2 months is hardly enough time to fix the mess we're in. on the other hand, it doesn't help when he consistently makes counter productive decisions. Bush spent a shameful and record breaking amount of money during his presidency. Obama has spent more than all of the presidents combined in only 2 months.+3
  • LOL! Ain't it funny how all the Obama haters are trashing him since he took his oath and didn't wave the magic wand and solve this crisis instantly? And yet, God forbid you should remind anyone how their beloved Bush dragged us down into this mess. Obama has inherited quite a mess which is going to take quite a well to turn around.
  • Well, I guess Obama isn't the Messiah, after all. Perhaps he's only a reincarnation of Ghandi, JFK or MLK, which explains his mediocre performance, doesn't it? (LOL) Truth is, the attack dogs were poised and ready since Day One to nay-say anything Obama did, led by the great big windbag Rush and the Fox News folks. So is anyone surprised, or what?
  • Yeah seriously, I could do that with my hands tied behind my back and playing Playstation with George Bush. :D
  • Well maybe since he got into the Oval Office he's finding himself just going in circles
  • President Obama inherited such a horrendous economical mess that, if I could, I would get the former president right back to work and fix all his doings, never the less the GOP has the guts to present a "budget" without a single number but they are swift and angry to criticize. On foreign policy we became a pariah and we always were a highly respected country. We have more enemies than ever before because of bad and wrong policies, we have created more terrorists than we could have ever dreamed there would be, as an example and due to bad policies Pakistan is now almost lost. Here we go again, as in your two previous questions, this is a huge fanaticism problem, lack of political education and I dare say lack of brains. I have hope and faith & I know President Obama will get us out of this mess and that our world wide reputation will change and we will become who we were again.
  • The end to the financial crisis will come sooner than you may expect...I hope you will like the looks of the Amero-dollar when it comes out in probably less than a year from now.
  • He is too busy partying and adding to the crisis.
  • dont you love how everyone expected it to be solved overnight, and once the stimulus bill signed everything would be peachy again
  • He's saving something for the second act. If he does everything in the first 100 days people will get bored and stop paying attention. Once you loose the audience, it's almost impossible to gt 'em back.
  • You can't imagine the loss in this depression. 60 days are nuffin!

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