• I am a Trekko and moving a LEAF FLAME
  • I am a level 51 Charizard. My moves are "Sarcasm Splash", "Attack of Atheism", and "Moral Indignation".
  • Pokemon: a talking and typing Meowth with half a brain! Level: Currently 13 and still rising! Moves: (can't actually remember the moves Meowth has, so i'm just making things up!) - Scratch cat coins! - Brain picking refunds! - Feline frenzy payday! - Economical combo feedback! - and so the list goes on.. Trainer: None. i am my own trainer! *wink!* P/S: I've yet to evolve since i refused to :D Because the basic Meowth shape is so kawaii (Japanese for 'cute')! Think i'll stay in this shape for a long long time!
  • I'm a level 4 (but steadily rising) Kadabra. (Is that possible? Wouldnt it be an abra?). Anyway, the only moves I know are teleport, phycological warfare, and deep thinking. P.S On the game I have a level 100 Charizard!
  • I am lv 51 Starmie :D My moves are: logical reasoning, Deep thought, and long explanations
  • ahahahah lol yeah

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