• Go to an internet service provider which offers 3G internet and get a sim card from them for your 3G modem, instead of just buying any sim card.
  • Hi thanks for that, but it is a mobile broadband SIM. However, I've now sorted it out, thanks to a very late night and much research. Please bear with me if all you experts know the following, but this was news to me: My MSI Wind U120H netbook came with everything already set up, so I didn't need to go through the usual thing of looking for manuals, drivers, etc. The inbuilt modem (Ericsson F3507G) connection software (Wireless Manager 5) had been installed without installing a manual or help section, so I was confused about where to input APN / username / password / authentication data provided by my network operator. I thought this happened when you create a new connection in Network Connections. It doesn't! I finally tracked down a manual for the modem and discovered a Profiles tab in the Settings window, which is apparently usually automatically configured by the details on the SIM. However, I'm using Virgin Mobile Broadband on the Optus network, so it was all configured for Optus not Virgin. So short answer to all my problems was "reading the flippin' manual". Cheers.

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