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  • If they are always late, yes. I would be upset.I would think they are doing it deliberately.
  • Nope, just plan everything 20 minutes after the time you tell them and they will arrive on time. Ha! Whats the big deal about being late? No worries. :o)
  • I might say something, yes. Judging their tardiness alone, I guess it only affects my opinion of him or her in terms of dependability on being punctual, but not of them personality-wise.
  • Well it wouldn't affect my opinion about him /her . I may surely say something and maybe , stop waiting for him /her the next time.
  • Probably wouldn't notice or just start without them. I'm not their boss. I'm not paying them. I don't give a fuck.
  • I had friends that would say they were in the neighbourhood and on their way to our house almost every weekend. They would then not show up for a few hours. Bad enough that they were showing up invited. They also ruined birthdays by showing up late. My last birthday at a restaurant, they said they were 10 mins away at 6:00pm, when I called at 7:00pm they said to wait to order dinner together as they were going to be there in a minute or two. They didn't show up until 8:30pm, insisted on ordering food, got pissed off when their meal was rushed. As a result, we were too late to a musical weren't able to get in until the second act. Note: I HAD these people as my friends. Very sad, but when I gently tried to talk to them about it, they got ridiculously defensive and implied that I ruined their evening. They, too started off with being 15-20 minutes late and then things got out of control. I now don't wait for anyone - 5 minute rule. I think being late for everything is a lack of respect for someone's time if you have things to do. I don't really worry about it if you are just hanging out, but if it is a habitual issue, I do.
  • When I make the plans I tell them not to be late as that makes me mad as hell and that if they are going to be more than 5 minutes to not bother to even show up. I stress the time thing and let them know that it is on time and I mean on time or not at all. I do not sit and wait. You are near a phone you can call. They all know and make comments like we all know how she is about time, and I will say that is right and they end up being early most of the time. Nobody is ever late.
  • If you want someone to meet you somewhere at a certain time, lets say 10:30, tell them to meet you there at 10:15 and you should be good right? That's what everyone has to do for my mom. She is always 30-45 min late so they have to tell her the time to meet is 30min before the actual time so she will be there on time.
  • Yes, we all are the same! lol
  • It's really hard to say, I guess it's depends on why a friend is always running late, it could be many reasons, perhaps your friend is really bad at estimating how long something will take, I'm sure everyone has stuff that gets in the way. I always try to see the good in people. Try telling your friend that "I hate to be the one to break it to you but I need to be able to count on you, or I need you to tell me beforehand if you're unable to attend on time so I can make other arrangements instead of waiting". +2 on your question :)
  • If you are a true friend to them, you would only notice that your friend was in your presence. If they were a true friend to you, they would assign the same value to your time as they do their own. Special note must be made that my definition of "friend" is much different from most people's definition and I don't use the word very often or give the title to very many.
  • i have friends like this and family like this. we have learned to just tell them to be there 30 minutes earlier than need be and they usually get there on time.
  • If it's consistent, I will say something or make a joke about it. Or when I plan on meeting, I tell them an earlier time.
  • No no, it just means that they aren´t very time efficient. If you want to meet them at 15:30 tell them 15:15. simple :)
  • I have a friend who is late for everything! It's irritating, but I don't say anything to her because she is the type that flies off easily.
  • leave them behind
  • Buy them a watch that is 15 minutes fast. Yeah.
  • i'm always late for,dinner with friends,family functions and apparently R U SIRIUS had a extra seat on the last space shuttle missson which i missed due to my tardiness.
  • I had a friend that is like 30mins late for everything and it would drive me nuts. When we had our exams and we were giving her a ride we would have to allow 20mins extra time to make sure we didn't miss them. We used to point it out and drop hints but she saw it as a huge joke and never really considered that it might put us out having to account for it, which i saw as quite rude to be honest. x
  • Yes, late is RUDE. Once in awhile it can happen to anyone. All the time is just thoughtless, and self centered.
  • Being late is inconsiderate but some people just CAN'T help it. Solution: Tell them 3, put in your calendar for 3:15 or 3:30 even. At least your irritation will be less. Just know it's not against you personally. Hopefully, they will learn to be on time, it's not a good way to make and keep friends/relationships/jobs, etc.
  • If I had a friend that was always late I would say something to them because it can make me late. I have an older sister that is late for everything and it annoys the he!! out of me. So what I do is tell her to be there 1/2 hour early. Then she shows up on time.
  • I have friends like that. There really isn't much you can do. I'm the opposite, and I always arrive 15-20 minutes early to everything, so it is especially annoying when someone is that late. I don't usually say much to them, but sometimes I want to.
  • I have a family member who is at least an hour late to everything. The thing is she doesnt care. Its never like something came up or whatever. She is compulsivley late. Its come to the point to where if we have a family gathering that starts at 2pm, we will tell her 1pm just so she'll be there on time.
  • this alwayss happens to me! my friends are always late, but they make the arrangements so i dont really understant why. lol, so i just tell them to be there at 5.00 if i make the arrangements, so we will both arrive around 5.15, the real time i want to get together with them. easy as that, tell them and earlier time.. although, once i told a freind 3.00, and she went early (2.45) and i went at 3.15, oops :O .. so keep your cell on you at all times!
  • The truth is if it is something they constantly do then they are probably doing it in the real world too, like their job. You shouldnt have to lie to them to get them to be somewhere, even if it does work, its not honest. Sure it gets annoying but unfortunately dont let it get you down or change your opinion negatively for them, for one- it can ruin your friendship and 2- this is not the military. I'm not saying to let it slide all the time because there will be times that its going to be important but just pick your battles of when you do, and do it wisely so you dont have to keep repeating yourself.
  • I am used to it by now... thats why i would tell you to be there at 5 when it really starts at 5:30. ;) thats the key LOL
  • If it is really important I would set a time 10-15 minutes prior to the time they intend to be there. If that doesn't work start without them. If they don't care if they are on time.
  • I have a friend like that and it bothers me, but I've never said much about it because I don't see her enough for it to affect me much. However, it's quite rude to assume that your time is more important than everyone else's. I don't know how she gets away with it at work frankly.
  • It's self-centered. When I have friends like this, I kindly explain to them how self-centered behaviors are unattractive to others. I tell them it's something they should work in if they like the idea of becoming more attractive and well-liked.
  • I have a friend like this... I have tried to tell her to show up at the earlier time. Except I am too honest and sometimes during the conversation, I end up telling her the true time (it never fails). I have tried to be late on her to show her how it feels. But usually she is still not ready. I have tried to just start without her. If she is late she just misses out. So, now I just live with it... Besides this one fault, she is a great friend.
  • no coz i am too in this category! lol

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