• I think the greatest strength of being a man is being able to use his strength to benefit others. The power to pardon someone, rather than punish someone, even though he has the strength to do so, is in itself very powerful. And the ability to control and harness his strength and aggression for the good of society, that is the strength of being a man. The greatest strength of being a woman is her feminine power, motherhood, and her nurturing ways. Men like to rule, but they forget that the strength of women lies in their ability to "understand" the weakness of a man, and when men refuse to open up and express their troubles and feelings, that's where women come in and support them in their times of need. That is the great strength of women.
  • Man strength~strong weakness~Daddys little girl Woman strength~mulit tasking weakness~"that time of the month" LOL Get a bit whacked out occasionally. . +5
  • Being them selves

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