• tell them to go screw themselves ... and im being nice lol
  • Listen to their view points and try to do find some research on the subject and see if it is a good idea. and then think about whether its something i want to do. im not totally shut out to any idea.
  • I couldn't care less,in the end I do what I want.
  • I hate that! My co-workers love to tell me how to spend my money like its their business. I work with a bunch on yuppies. i really dont know how to handle it!
  • I've been told not to... smoke take drugs be a slut swear in public eat too much junk food and I listened, being a vegi is good too
  • I have a girlfriend who used to do that, I never go out anymore with her.
  • You live your life your way, and I'll live mine my way.
  • I would simply get annoyed or not listen to him!
  • I would respect their veiw, put mine across, debate it. But don't you just hate people who can not except you for who you are, besides they should appreciate you not try and change you, thats vanity or domination.
  • I am always willing to take constructive criticisms. However, at the end of the day, I only answer to myself. That is how it is supposed to be. I would react by telling the person calmly and respectfully that I appreciate their input, and I will make decisions that I feel are best for me.
  • probably think thats their opinion.. and my choice. and.. me two best friends are vegatarians and they remind me everyday that it more likely for me to get cancer than for them.
  • my reaction depends on them. If they was trying to shove the vegans lifestyle down my throat using threats and curses then I would tell them to screw off. If they were kind about it and showed their compassion for what they believed in, then I would listen politely, ask questions even. But in the end I would still go home and fry up some burgers. basically, I will listen to what someone has to say, even if I'm not into that lifestyle, to be polite as long as its not an "over-bearing-you-must-do-this-to-save-the-world-lecture"
  • Tell them you are a meatatarian and you only eat meat and that it does take alot of commitment but you think that they should do the same. Then tell them to SHUT THE F@%K UP!
  • Give em a thumbs up and go "ill think about it", then go enjoi a juicy steak. Meow!
  • Here them out and try to find out why their trying to change my life. If they have any positive points would incorporate it..
  • I'm open to listening, but if someone just comes to me and says "you're wrong", then I turn them off.
  • Depends on how they were talking to me and if I knew them, trusted them, and if I thought they were rally interested in me personally and cared. I'd give nearly anyone a good listen if they were respectful and polite. And if I agreed, fine. If I didn't, I'd expect them to accept that and move on to something else.
  • it depends if it was just advice then I would listen and consider it. However if it was instructions unless I was in the armed forces then I would tell them to F off. I live in a democracy so they can just deal with it
  • I'd say, you live your own life so let me live mine, but that's me, depends could be medical issues, then I'd listen!
  • One of the things that really annoys me is someone telling me how I should live my life. I think it's ignorant and people shouldn't say anything like this to someone unless they are asked.
  • i might tell them they need to mind their own business
  • i would probably tell them they need to mind their own business
  • i would tell them to mind their own business
  • I tried the vegetarian route for quite a while.

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