• No, because they were given as a gift.
  • It varies from state to state. The ring was given "in contemplation of marriage" so if there is no marriage there is no ring. In some states if the man breaks it off the woman keeps the ring. In other states if the woman breaks it off she must return the ring. In some states the ring must be returned no matter who breaks it off. It doesn't really matter. The resale value of a used engagement ring drastically plummets. I have also heard of people suing for "breach of promise".
  • Some would say no as it is a gift but it is given as an intention to marry and by not agreeing to do so she forsakes all rights to keep the ring. Plus, morally, why would she want the ring for any other reason than money. It would only act as a painful reminder of what never was.
  • Since an engagement ring is given with the assumption of MARRIAGE ; IF that Marriage is cancelled , for whatever the reason ..the MAN is usually entitled to get hte ring back ... However; I've seen a few exceptions .. BUT ; not very many.
  • Yes, by golly!
  • No, it is a gift. This is a promise to someone that you spend the rest of your life with and then take it away. It doesn't work that way on a woman's heart. If I a woman buys you something it is a gift not to be taken back.
  • she doesn't have to, but she should
  • no way, it was given as a promise and if the guy is gonna break the promise she might as well get some money out of it lol
  • no. i still have it.
  • YES. YES and NO. If the woman has any decency and any pride, she will give it back since it is for marriage. It is also meant to show union, not bling. On the other hand, if the guy cheats or forfeits because of something of that nature, she should not give it back since he broke the promise and deserves much worse than just lossing the ring. She should sell it for the damages she has suffered (financially speaking) or give it away if in fact she wants nothing more to do with him, but never keep it. By keeping it, it just comes to show that she is shallow and has more greed than pride and self-worth.

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