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  • i'll pay whatever for a good anonymous blow long as its a female giving it
  • Just let me know where it is once you start it up... Your getting hard here...
  • 50 dollares for a quik bj. let me know were...
  • Yeah, great idea. You should charge about 50 bucks for a good blow job -- the line at the door might cause trouble though! Tell me where you are ... I will be your first customer for 100 bucks!
  • If you want to make a lot of money with a glory hole in a public restroom make sure you put the glory hole in a public men's restroom at a restarea and charge $20.00 for a very good anonymous blowjob and you will be making a lot of money and make sure that men who are either bisexual or gay and that give a very good anonymous blowjob to other bisexual and gay men are paid for giving the very good anonymous blowjob and I believe that men who are either bisexual or gay who give a very good anonymous blowjob to other bisexual and gay men should also belong to a union.
  • Let me just say, that most glory holes are there for convenience and not for profit. If you try to ask for money, you are crossing the line in a public restroom, or any restroom for that matter. You can be arrested for solicitation if there is money exchanged, so you put yourself at a far greater risk of getting arrested. As long as you are dealing with consenting males and doing it in a very discreet way, you will not bring any attention to yourself. But there is a far greater risk for arrest in a public restroom than if you go to an adult bookstore or adult theater. You don't have to worry about being arrested in those places, though you will have to usually pay some money for either entrance or to watch a video.
  • Yeah, you can make good money, and catch great diseases too. Then you can use all the good money you made to pay for your medical expenses. I think the fantasy idea of it sounds really hot, but in reality it would be very risky.
  • If the blowjob will be given by you or one of your female friends(if that picture is really of you, you're smoking hot), just tell me where the glory hole will be and then you can charge me whatever price you want to!!!
  • I think you'll starve to death with this plan. Most men think gloryholes are free. However, you can make some serious cash trolling trucks stops. You should be able to make $20-$30 bucks giving truckers head.

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