• First of all, I'm aged, and certain courtesies have been instilled in me that I do not wish to change. A woman wearing that shirt would not alter my natural standards of male behavior. If there was one remaining seat, I would always offer it, with respect, to a standing woman. If she declines, and I suspect she was attempting to change my standards, as well as other courteous people, including women, I would ignore what I sensed was an intended rudeness and continue to stand until another person, male or female, takes the seat. Furthermore, if I am seated, and there is a woman standing, I will stand and offer my seat to her, notwithstanding the message of her shirt. As far as I'm concerned, equality and so-called "chivalry" need not be in conflict...I support them both.
  • I'll only give it up to an elderly person or a lady doing her best at holding her newborn.
  • They will not give up their seat. I was on cruches and all the seats were filled and with men and the only one to offer me his seat was also on cruches, so I told him to keep his seat the he needed it as much as I did and thanked himanyway. Then a girl is tight shorts got on and they all offered her their seats she took one and as she was sitting down, she told me to sit by her and so she got me a seat.
  • I would respect her wishes and treat her as any other passenger. Then I'd ogle her tits and make sure she noticed. Then I'd say something about just trying to read her shirt.
  • It doesn't matter what gender the other human is, I treat them equally. Whether it's a man or woman, I let them have the seat. Same with elevators. I always exit the elevator last.
  • That t-shirt is asinine. I understand the whole point behind feminism, but some of us need to wake up and realize just how lucky we are. We ARE the fairer sex. We are soft, we smell good and we already have 98% of all the power that is necessary. The beauty of it is, WE know that. There is absolutely NO NEED let the men know that WE know that. OR to make men feel like less of a man. If you allow/make your man feel like a man, he will in turn, make/allow you to feel like a woman. HOW CAN THAT BE BAD??? Any wonder why this woman (1) is a feminist and the other is not (2)
  • If she's wearing that shirt and I get to the seat a nanosecond sooner than her, I'm taking it. We're equal.
  • i am not a man, but even as a woman if i saw another person that didnt have a seat and i was perfectly fine with standing i would offer them the seat. i have heard tho, from multiple men that they have been yelled at by women when offering their seats for them or opening a door for them. i wouldnt blame the male population for not giving up their seats to women if they have been treated with such rudeness in the past. if a man offered me his seat i would gladly take it or politely refuse. i love it when a guy does things like that. what happened to all the gentlemen of the world? why cant we go back to the good ole days when that was a common gesture, not something that felt like pulling teeth to men?
  • I offer my seat to those who are more infirm or indisposed than I am (for example, laden with packages or children). Their gender does not matter, and certainly not their choice of clothes.
  • That shirt says treat me like equal to a man. So, no.
  • First of all, I am a feminist. Which means, at it's basic definition, that I believe that men and women should have equal rights. Feminists aren't man haters and those pictures posted above of the two different type of women is completely rediculous. Feminists don't look one way or another, you can't tell just by looking at someone what they think and such behavior is completely irresponsible and ignorant. To answer your question, some might say that as men and women should have equal rights that it isn't necessary for you to give up your seat. However, I allow that this is ok because women should be able to feel they can do the same for men and have it be ok. I've held open the doors for men or been courteous enough to change my seat if someone wants to sit somewhere. It's not a big deal. This isn't 1910, do what you want. If you want to be chivalrous, by all means. Women can be incredibly well-mannered towards men at all. Doing something nice for someone, male or female, is pretty essential to the survival of the species.
  • Normal woman, absolutely. Feminist, not a chance.
  • If I get there first, I get the seat.
  • As if she's a lady. ROTFL!
  • I'd offer her the seat. If she get's mad I'd take it.
  • I've never asked a women her position on gender politics before offering a seat, so I wouldn't know.
  • Nope. That would be chivalry, and chivalry is a form of male "oppression, so i wouldnt let her have the last seat. id probably yell something derogatory at her too for wearing the shirt.

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