• That is actually a much tougher question than you might imagine. If we're talking about creative improvising, then you can put Beethoven on that list and a few others, but if you're just talking about technical brilliance, then it's simply too close to call. With over 200 years of highly elite people to choose from, you'd have to break it into categories.
  • Has to be Liberace. If you asked him to play a song, Any song. He could play it from Memory. Or so they say.
  • Ooh so many! Some of the first ones that come to mind are Mickey Gilley and Jerry Lee Lewis, Louis Armstrong and Liberace, I also like Bluble and Harry Connick jr. along with the old greats like Mozart, Chopin, Bach and Beethoven. Richard Carpenter, Ray Charles, Phil Collins, Fats Domino, Billy Joel, Elton John, Little Richard, Stevie Wonder, lots and lots of them!
  • 6-4-2017 I call my dog Liberace because he's the peein'est.
  • Schroeder on peanuts

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