• Before NASCAR mandated the restrictor plate on superspeedways, the fastest lap ever was clocked at 220 mph. The highest speed ever attained in a straight line, back stretch run was 238 mph. With today's restrictor plate carbuerators, cars rarely exceed 190 mph.
  • Bill Elliot, in 1987, set the all time speed record in qualifying at Daytona: 210.364 mph. He later set the all time speed record at Talladega that same year: 212.809 mph. "Awesome Bill from Dawsonville" set these speed records in a Ford Thunderbird.
  • Around 1994, there was a top speed contest that included many different types of race cars. A Nascar race car won the competition, hitting 248 mph. Of course, this was with grille tape, good preparation, and a long straight-line run. It won the compeition. It may be assumed that with today's more aerodynamic body and more powerful engines, a modern day Nascar car will shatter the 248 mph mark on a long straight.
  • Now they can get up to 300mph or more.

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