• Do you mean a Pekin duck..the all white ducks? If you do, the males have a curl to their back curls up. THe females is straight. ALso the male has a different kind of quack. Put some water in a kids pool and you'll soon see who is the male and who is the female as they love to breed in the water!
  • I have no idea Mastodon ..can you just turn them over and look?
  • Peking is a city, Pekin is a duck. As with all fowl you can sex them when young by turning them over and literally squeezing the crap out of them. You squeeze them and it pushes the poop out and opens their cloaca so you can see inside and tell what sex it is. I do NOT suggest doing this if you've not been taught by someone who knows how. Even professionals occasionally kill a bird. As adults the males have a drake feather that curls up.
  • DNA test um , like I had to do with my parrot. He's a boy.
  • Like most birds, the male is more vividly colored with more feathers, and the female more drab and slightly smaller.
  • The male leads the way and the female is behind him Quacking... "Do you know where are you going? You don't know which way is north.Fly down there and ask the geese"
  • Is there such a thing as a Peking Duck on the hoof, or more precisely, on the webbed foot? I thought it was a method of preparation.
  • Its quite simple. When you order a Pekin Duck in Chinese restaurant always ask for a Drake because you always get a smidgen more meat.
  • I don't. I respect their privacy LOL
  • probably the same way you tell other animals apart

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