• the hands at the side thing. tips of the middle finger has to reach the skirt when the hands are flat going down against the sides. anything less then that is not professional.
  • the hemline has to be below the knee. too short is above the knee. The hemline has to be below the knee to cover the knee when the person is sitting down.
  • Naver aver, swate thang.
  • Another good question, and no, Skeeter, I'm not gonna answer it!
  • When your boss's penis is able to snake its way under the hem as he rails you against the copy machine.
  • Some more modern offices tolerate different dress codes. There's no real standard now, unless you are in a strict "professional" office with a very specific dress code. A skirt is definitely too short if when the person bends over, you can see their "goods". I personally won't wear anything shorter than two inches above my knees to work. That seems to be status quo at my office, though some are more daring.
  • depends on the workplace - office 2" above the knee - night club as short as you feel comfortable with
  • when it's attracting too much attention or the boss tells ya so,

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