• My best vacation was last year. We went on a cruise to Jamaica, Cozumel, and Grand Caymen. We traveled with our two teenagers and friends of ours who also have teenagers. The teens are all great friends. It was a blast going with friends. We had never done that before. The worst was a few years back when we traveled to New York and then made our way to the French Quarter. We had endless days of rain. We were disappointed with the French Quarter as well. The smell was nauseating. The kids complained a large majority of the trip. I still take summer vacations when school is out. I spend them with the kids just hanging out at our pool with their friends, and mine when they can get off work.
  • I took a 3 month trip around the world by air, boat and train. It was definitely the best vacation/learning experience I'd ever had and I had to get it done before I was married to a non traveler. She wouldn't have done it. I had to drag her tooth and nail on the plane for our honeymoon. 3 years in her getting up the nerve to leave the country to St Kitts of all places. As for missing summer vacations at school. I work seasonally around here. My summer vacation happens during winter ice in. I see the sun year round. I dive south with my pals during winter and have a possible trip still going to Truk Lagoon in Micronesia in a month and a half. If the one guy we're banking on to come can't make it, the cost will be over 15 grand each for a week, so will put it out of reach for the rest. Honduras for 2 weeks , here we come then. :)
  • I do miss those 3 months in the summer, man alive! Two super vacations come to mine -- a month long trip where I saw the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce (here's the link to my Bryce info) And more recently I went to Alaska for two weeks--wowie zowie! Here's some of my highlights from that wonderful excursion!
  • so many to choose would have to be one of the ones to Indonesia, but I move around, and there are so many experiences listening to a lone guitarist and singer parked on a vacant lot in Medan, North Sumatra...visiting the graves of the Batak kings...the 12hour trip by boat around Lk Toba in Sumatra with a trio singing mexican songs in Batak language and swimming in the coooooold water...crossing the equator by bus in West Sumatra...visiting the zoo in Bukittinggi and seeing a sun bear...walking part of the Ngarai gorge and buying a beautiful piece of weaving...meeting a prince in Jakarta...going into the crater of a live volcano in West Java...climbing the Borobudur temple in Central Java, eating local fruit flavoured ice cream in the first ice cream parlour in Surabaya, EAst java, crossing the straits to Bali by ferry, seeing Balinese dancing, shopping for carvings in the wood markets, buying postcards from the cutest children...going to the mountains and watching smoke come from a volcano...seeing the Mother Temple of Bali...witnessing the four day cremation of the last King of Ubud...travelling round the eastern rim of the island, and then taking a five hour ferry to the island of Lombok...meeting a wonderful family who had a homestay...and made sure I saw the island on the back of a friend's motorbike (first time for me! scary to the max)...swimming at the most beautiful beach I have EVER seen (Pantai Sira), staying on the slopes of Mt Rinjani...flying back to Bali (17 minutes!) and home...
  • A years vacation living in Greece,Switzerland,and France.i will never forget that wonderful year.
  • Best vacation I ever had was when I walked out in the backyard and fell asleep in the hammock on the most gorgeous, sunny afternoon. It was perfect, and quite inexpensive. :]
  • barbados,west indies. there you will find some of the friendliest people in this world and the beaches are breathtakingly beautiful.
  • The vacation I just had, I spent 2 weeks in Tampa/Clearwater Florida, It was great, I visited friends and family, and alot of time in the clubs.
  • One year we drove from central California up to the top of the Yukon, sideways to the NWT and to some really glorious scenery and wildlands. It was awesome. Over 7,000 miles of journeying.
  • San Juan Puerto Rico was incredible for me. We went to the old San Juan, with the forts. I'll never forget it.

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