• i was 9
  • My first cigarette was at age 6, but did not smoke another cigarette until age 10, at which time I began the daily consumption. I've been smoking, virtually non-stop, since that time, or some 60+ years. Although I enjoy smoking, and am in excellent health, I don't recommend it for anyone, especially children.
  • I don't remember my first one...I think it was...8 or so. My mom smokes and she showed it to me. (I was curious about it and asked about it.) So she let me take a puff of it (I didn't inhale it or anything.) I didn't like it (she was using Marlb. Lights) and didn't touch another cigarette until I was 16. I snuck a few from my mom, but had to sop because she almost caught me. Now, at age 19, I'm experimenting with different kinds: Marlb. menthol ultra lights, Kools, Marlb. Smooths, etc.
  • There are pictures on the web of a mother who started teaching her little girl to smoke at age 10 months. She had her own pack and lighter at age 2. I won't tell you where because the authorities are getting really freaky about such things (but the pictures are 10 years old). The lady was from Jamaica and said many children there start smoking as children. Here is a video of a little boy in that age range (2 1/2 - 3 or so) also
  • I started at 12 yrs old.
  • I remember back in the 1950s a kid that was already a smoker when I met him. He was 10, and his folks let him smoke with them as though it was no big deal.

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