• The water tight bulkheads were not high enough above the water line, so as the head went down the water flooded into the next section over the top of the water tight bulkhead.
  • sub-standard iron rivets.. and the watertight compartments weren't as high as they should have been.
  • It wasn't one problem that sealed Titanic's fate, it was a number of faults or problems that had been there even before it set sail. Yes, corners were cut in the design, bulkheads that didn't go all the way up and prevent water going from one section to another, not enough lifeboats, possibly a fire or explosion in the engine room, company executives onboard over ruling every decision the Captain made. A race was on between all the transatlantic shipping companies at the time to see who could get passengers from Europe to North America in the quickest time, whoever did that would make lots of money.

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