• If you ran the sign, even a little, and the officer saw it, no matter from where, then you can't and shouldn't fight the ticket. Traffic devices are in place to keep people safe. When you disregard them you risk your life and the lives of others. Someone out there loves you; drive safely.
  • No. If he saw you, then he saw you. He could have been standing on his head on top of his vehicle, and he still would have been able to see you NOT STOP. You broke the law, now step up and take your citation. The only time you should fight a ticket is if you did not do what the officer claimed you did. Then, you should go to your court appointment and state your case to the judge. If you did it, then too bad. Maybe you should stop at the stop signs, then you can't get ticketed for running them.
  • I don't thoroughly understand your question. what does the officer, sitting on the opposite side of the road, have to do with anything? if he witnessed a violation, he could be sitting on the moon, if his vision was that good. Apparently, the stop sign was on a one way road, service road, which is public property and you ran the sign? i still do not understand your question. Seems like the officer observed a traffic violation and enforced the law, a citation. Whats to fight?
  • I think stop signs sometimes are put at a unnecssary places need to be taken down. I suggest u slowly roll to see if there is any cops if not run it. Then u say fuck the police they're pigs that don't fight crimes only traffic because thats where all the money making is from.
  • Where he was sitting is irrelevant. The police can sit anywhere they so choose. They can cover their car with bushes and sit in dark alleys with the lights off. The only thing he has to do (in Ohio) is if he's working traffic enforcement, he must be in a marked car. ("marked car" can be small writing on the back fender) The only chance you have is if there is something legally wrong with the stop sign. Even then, it's not much of a chance.
  • It doesn't matter what he did. If you know you did the crime, then an honorable and honest person would take their lumps and pay the ticket.
  • People always want to fight traffic tickets. If you didnt stop, Even a little, Pay the fine. If you did, and you believe he made a mistake go and plead your case. But remember this, When an officer wants a ticket to stick, it will. SO BE NICE. and if you Remember who he was. Try to talk to him before hand. If he doens't show up to court, better yet. If you plead your case and hes not there to dispute you some judges may just drop it.

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