• NO NO NO! Do it once and they will keep doing it to you because they know that eventually they will "beat you down". So I would treat it just like any other wrong doing. Start with You will be grounded for 1 day each time you ask me again. Or if they are older take the car keys, electronics, door off the hinges, dishes for a night each time they ask.....just whatever you normally use for other disipline apply it to this one. +5
  • Just answer with 'I don't know, ask your dad/mom'... redirect the problem onto someone else.
  • Thoe solution to that problem is simple. Only answer one time. Give that answer and walk away. Ask him/her a question they do not want to arise. Like: Is your homework finished? Are your chores done? Basicly, distract and change subject as if you only heard the question asked 1 time.
  • I would tell them to'zip it' then if they ask one more time, they'll get it. (time out, spanking, etc)
  • No. If your child keeps asking the question perhaps you are not giving an answer he/she can grasp. I would keep trying different ways of saying the same thing. Sometimes children aren't really seeking an answer..they are seeking connection/communication/attention. Try giving some of that next time if you don't already. See if that works! :)
  • I try to leave it at a yes or no answer....If not, then after I answer it I just walk away..
  • Yeah sometimes I do but it doesn't seem to work often because the child knows the parents will give up or give in, the best way is to teach them NOT to ask more than once. No means "NO!"..
  • I guess we as parents need to be as firm and consistent as possible ... kids are really smart and know when and who they can "manipulate". I know that when I was a kids I would NEVER think to ask my parents anything again after they gave me their answer. I knew they meant what they said and that was that!
  • I make them right on paper, stick it on the icebox, so they can refer back to it when they need to, LOL.
  • This has happened with my Grand-daughter.....I asked her what my answer was the last time she asked. That pretty much ended getting asked the same question. But, depending on age and the question, sometimes answers leave them with more questions. In that case, ask if there was something about the answer they didn't understand.
  • No, I stop and explain tho them that I already answered their question and that it is getting irrating to keep answering and that this is the last time for them to ask.
  • No I threaten them to shut up, I use either bodily harm to threaten or reprocession of a toy/game, anything that they like.
  • mine were taught no means no...u were not to go to the other parent when one had already SAID..or anyone else for that matter... get them out of ur hair? very, very common practice today...why kids never take no for an answer.... one thing a parent should realize ," never let them win"!! once they realize they eventually can, you've already is a part of their learning whos boss...and no means no...u give in and they learn no does not nesessarily mean no.... all kids learn what they can and cannot get away is a Huge Part of their growing up i mind or not, do i listen or not....they all learn from 2 and up how to manipulate their parents...what they can and cannot get away with..parents responsibility to draw lines from get go...
  • No, I slap 'em.
  • Start asking them the same question, and then they will usually drop it.
  • No, I will explain it the best I can once, maybe twice (depending on the age of the child and comprehnsion level). AFter that, if the question repeats I say "The answer is xxx, you do not need to ask me again, because the answer will still be xxx" and ignore any more attempts at the same question. It has worked great for us for far.

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