• When I was moving from my old apartment in Atlanta I contacted Comcast to let them know when I would be moving so that they could come turn off my cable and internet and take back their cable box/modem. I gave them two weeks and they scheduled an appointment to come out at 11am the day I was going to move... so it was perfect. So the day comes and I have everything all unplugged and ready for them and I am going about packing up my moving truck. 11 am comes and goes but I keep waiting. I call them around 2pm to check and they say they are just running behind and will be out soon. By 5 pm they still weren't there so I called again. I informed them that I had an appointment and was moving that day. They said they couldn't make it out that day, so I go out of my way for them and agree to stay the night in my empty apartment if they can be out first thing in the morning. I made sure to remind them that I was doing this as a favor and was really supposed to have left that day and they thank me. The next day I wait until noon and call them and they say they don't have a record of any appointment for them to come out. I get fed up and leave about 2pm and take the cable box and modem with me, figuring i will just return it to the local office where I am moving. I call the local Comcast office about 5 days later after I moved and explained what happened. They inform me that I owe $350 for stealing the cable box and modem and that I also lost the deposit on my account. I was furious. They told me that I should have waited or dropped of the equipment at the local office before I left town. Then they reported me to the credit bureaus... although I eventually had it removed from my credit report. I still had their stupid box and modem a year later.
  • If I can call myself a customer and not a parishioner, then the worst service I have ever encountered was from the secretary at my parish church,which is in fact a Cathedral. I made a very strong complaint to the priest and am in the process of writing to the Bishop. This woman is the Face of the church the first that people see and this made me want nothing more to do with my church, that I have been a member of for most of my life.
  • At my son's daycare - OLD daycare - they celebrated Halloween by dressing up and trick-or-treating from classroom to classroom. I don't celebrate. So, I went to speak with the woman who was in charge to see what I could do. Frankly, I don't think religious holidays have any place in a public school or daycare. I was polite and asked if there were any alternatives for my son to do, and the woman proceeded to argue with me for 20 minutes about why I was wrong not to celebrate Halloween and where it got started (she was wrong) and that I shouldn't be complaining when nobody else had a problem and did I think my son was special...she just went on and on and on. A month later we simply took him out of that daycare and didn't look back. We didn't give a two week notice and they called and told us we owed $350 for the two weeks. But daycare was only $110 per week - so I told them their accountant was senile (the woman who'd argued with me) and said to send me a bill, if they could figure out the math to prove I owed $350. No bill has arrived.
  • JFK airport, I believe it was American Airlines counter. The woman gave my family and I a hard time. Plus, she and the man working with her were making fun of the Muslim attire (I think when she first saw us she thought we didn't understand her -they were speaking Spanish). You should have seen the look on her face when (in Spanish) I asked to speak to her manager! However, the manager's attitude was no better. He simply asked the girl if it was true, she denied it and he accepted it. Never flew AA again.
  • It was on the Internet...I ordered a computer CPU, a Socket A AMD one. They are something like 2" by 2", it weighs around one ounce. The website charged me twenty something dollars in shipping and handling. I wrote to them that both my wife and I sell on E-Bay and that I am aware that it costs less than five dollars to send an item like that from California to Puerto Rico. We have the US Postal Mail system here in Puerto Rico. Sending a package form California to Puerto Rico costs the same as sending the same package from California to Florida. I wrote it down, but they wouldn't listen. It was a ripoff. They charged me like if the package was being sent from California to Nepal. That was my worst Customer Service Experience! What did I do?....promise myself never to buy anything again from
  • It was a very well known auto dealership in Dallas. I bought a used LEMON from them. It blew head gasket after head gasket. They fixed the first one, then told me to sue, if I thought I could win. I called the owner, and he said it was the chance I take in buying a "used car" instead of a "new car". And, he told me not to call back. I contacted Detroit, (their dealer headquarters), and after about 6 months of correspondence, they told me they couldn't force him to honor the warranty or contract. It still makes me sick when I hear his ads on the radio.
  • Hotpoint UK - never ever buy anything in case it goes wrong. Had a tumble dryer they sent numerous engineers out to fix - finally on engineer no.8 they caved in and replaced it. Fridge freezer: first one never got cold enough so we had a replacement. It arrived, in working order (what a bonus) with only one small problem. It had a broken milk bottle holder - the plastic thing that you fit into the fridge door that holds bottles. So I called them, explained and gave description of bottle holder and the Hotpoint Muppet assured me it would be with me shortly. Engineer turned up (they insisted on fitting it), opened the brown box he was holding and found they had given him margarine holder (the small plastic boxes that fit into door. He aplogised and so the nightmare began. Called them, explained the wrong item was delivered, described the milk bottle holder. Engineer appeared few days later, this time he had an egg rack. Called them up, the next time got some salad drawers. This continued until they had delivered to me , every damn component for the fridge but not the milk bottle holder. I called them, now in desperation and asked if (a) they would like a photograph of the broken milk bottle holder which they could use for reference, or (b) would it be possible to send me absolutely everything they had in stock that fitted my fridge and I would pick the one I wanted and send the rest back. They declined the photo, made lots of apologies and the Muppet in Charge assured me that he had personally despatched my milk bottle holder. 4 days, nothing arrived. The thought of calling Hotpoint Customer Service was, by now, too much to bear. Another call would mean another conversation with some brain-doner who could barely string two words together. So, facing defeat, I gave up. The next day, I get in from work and our neighbours have taken delivery of a parcel for us. I collect it and return, full of exitement, eyes shining as I carry a large, brown, flat parcel into the kitchen. It was from Hotpoint. It was way too big to be a milk bottle holder, what could it be? A freebie perhaps? I unwrapped it and to my amazement they had sent a freezer door - and it wasn't even the same model - it was for a completely different freezer. So, that on top of the damn tumble dryer (each engineer stated "I've fixed it properley this time" means that I will never buy anything Hotpoint again.
  • Pretty much anytime I used to go into the Albertsons by my house. The 1st time I went there-I didn't have their card with me and I told the cashier so she could put in my number after dhe rang everthing up I asked her if she got it-she said she did-then when I got my receipt I saw that she didn't-she said since I didn't have it I couldn't get the prices(not true!) so I went to customer service (ha-yeah right!) and can you believe the guy had the nerve to tell me that I should have brought it. I looked at my friend-asked her if he really did just say that to me--well I told him to return everything. Another time there that irked me was I had bought some BBQ sauce it said it was on sale for like $2 cheaper than it normally was so I picked up 3 bottles--well they rang up at regular price I told them what the sign said and from there the cashier started giving me attitude-I had to go back with another employee he said they were in the wrong place and sometimes people put the items back wrong-sure I can understand that-but a whole shelf??? Anyway the cashier ended up pretty much calling me a liar as did the supervisor-she even asked if I was a secret shopper-I just couldn't believe how I was being treated-I called corporate-the store manager called me back apoligized profusely-sent me a $25 gift card. But that was also with all my other horror stories I told him about his staff-including the one where I need to learn how to read what all the numbers mean on their price labels cause apparently its my fault that big bold signs advertising specials when they shouldn't be is my concern. I hated that place! The only reason I went there was because I didn't have a car and it was closest to my house.
  • International House of Pancakes [IHOP]. My two sons and I went there one day for breakfast and waited and waited for over an hour to be served. Finally, we got up to go elsewhere and the young manager rushed over to try to convince to wait longer, as he and several other workers, including the cook, were new, etc. i said my kids were getting antsy and I did not want to wait any longer. He gave me a hand written note saying we were entitled to a free breakfast in the future, due to the inconvenience. We returned about two months later to take them up on the free breakfast offer. There was another new manager who refused to honor the handwritten note, saying for all he knew, we could have written the note ourselves. He was quite rude about it, saying that loudly so other customers could hear. I was insulted and have not eaten at an IHOP since that day.
  • I hate to say this but it was 2 years ago and it was ALLSTATE insurance company. They couldn't find their ass with both hands. The person that hit my car had ALLSTATE insurance, I have ALLSTATE insurance and getting this claim moving took so much of my time and energy. My agent was worthless and compounded the problem. Only when I called the main headquarters did anything begin to happen.
  • My man wrote this letter on my behalf.. Isn't he something else? May 14, 2007 XXXXX Cafe X XXX XXX Pomona, NY Dear George: I decided to take my Wife to your restaurant on Mother’s Day as a treat. We have eaten there MANY times before and have had many good times there. Dee Dee has always been most accommodating and kind so we have not minded spending our money there… and neither have the friends we’ve brought there. This time was different though, at the end of our meal (which was very good) we were full and asked that the Waiter (Dee Dee was not there) to wrap up our dessert to take with us… as has been done MANY times in the past. He informed us that we had to eat it there. Well, since we were quite full and didn’t feel like arguing over the obvious foolishness of this statement, we paid, left and I tipped well AS USUAL. Tonight my Wife informed me that she decided to stop by to discuss this with you and got, not an offer to pack up a piece of cake for her, but a song and dance about how expensive take out containers are. While I understand that it is expensive to run a business, containers are part of the cost of doing business. You can easily charge 50 cents to cover the cost of the container. You could have made a fortune that night as the table next to us had FOUR take out containers for the meals they couldn’t finish. I wonder what would have happened if your Waiter had told THEM “Sorry, you have to eat it here.” Evidently you have different rules for Dinner and Dessert. You also seem to have forgotten that your Customers ARE your business. When nobody comes by anymore, you’ll be worried about more than the cost of containers. Your explanation tonight has added insult to injury. It’s bad enough that your attitude on this RUINED my Wife’s evening but you have upset her again with this ridiculous explanation. Now let me explain to you what I’M going to do… I will take my business to the XX XXX Diner where they value it. I will also inform the friends that I have introduced to your establishment what has happened. I will relate it to my co workers that live in XXX XXXXX as well. Lastly, I will post this experience on the XXXX News website for everyone to read. Actually, by the time you get this, all of these things have already been done. It’s inconceivable to me that you can tell my Wife with a straight face that this is not your policy. Perhaps your Staff just decided to make it up on their own. It’s regrettable that all this is over two lousy pieces of cake and a take out container but these things are obviously more important to you than our business. Though we will not be coming back, I would suggest that you have your policy printed CLEARLY on your menu so others do not have to go through this upset. It’s really not worth it for either of us. I still cannot believe that I am writing a letter over two pieces of cake. If it was just myself, I’d not come back or mention it but my Wife’s evening was ruined and that is what really upsets me. Especially when you had a second chance to make it right. Sincerely, RH
  • A car dealership I went to when I was 22 years old. The man kept addressing me as "sweetheart", "honey", and just making me feel stupid. I told them exactly what car and color I wanted. He showed me the same car with a different color that was in the lot, I test drove it and everything. He said he can get me the color I wanted in few days. He told me he needed a deposit check. I gave him the deposit, then later he called me to tell me that he could not get the color I specified. Thinking he's going to cash the check, I hurriedly went to my bank to cancel the check. I later found out that he did indeed try to cash my check!!
  • I made good on my promise to never buy another Volvo twice since I registered this complaint :) Volvo Cars of North America, New Jersey, USA I bought a 2001 Volvo S40 and paid cash for it (this becomes important later on). In 2004, with just 50,000 miles on it (and a mere 2,000 miles out of warranty) I had my first major repair. The turbo gave out and it cost me a whopping $2,300 to replace. I did not feel this was acceptable considering the relatively low mileage and the fact that I maintain my cars meticulously. I contacted Volvo Cars of North America and received a call from a customer service representative. She didn't know a wheel from a waste gate and told me Volvo MIGHT have helped with the repair as a good will gesture if I had taken it to a Volvo dealership for repair. Well, what can I say? I called the nearest one, some 40 miles away, and they said they could look at the car in a week. A week! The check engine light was on and the car was leaking a ton of oil from the waste gate. I have dealt with my own mechanic for 7 happy years and he had the car towed, fixed, and back on the road in 2 days. I only asked that Volvo paid for either the part or labor since my mechanic and I both felt strongly that this was a manufacturing and/or part defect and the car was out of warranty. I am a loyal Volvo customer, so I figured since the request was reasonable that they would stand behind their product. Instead, it was implied that either my mechanic or myself was trying to rip Volvo off! And my request was denied. I explained that money was not the issue since I had paid cash for the car to begin with. The clincher was that Volvo's focus was on defending their product rather than resolving a consumer issue satisfactorily. No apology. I got nothing but letters detailing how great their cars are. Yeah right. After the turbo it was the ignition coils, the wheel caps popped off, the thermostat, and lower body rust. I do not live in a harsh climate and the car is garaged. I washed, waxed and polished the car regularly. I vowed to them that my next car would NOT be a Volvo even though I had driven nothing but Volvos for 10+ years. I made good on that and got rid of the S40 and purchased a brand new Toyota (paid cash for it too). The car and model year in question was plagued with problems (this is easily confirmed via Consumer Reports and Edmunds). Quality control was surely lacking, but Volvo chose to bury its head in the sand rather than satisfy loyal customers. I keep vehicle records as meticulously as I do my cars. My 1993 940 had spent less time in the shop over a 12 year period than the S40 did in 2 short years. If they don't think they have a quality control problem, they are sadly mistaken. Never, ever, again will I buy a Volvo. I wouldn't accept a free one. After all, what I lacked in payments on the S40 I made up for in repairs and inconvenient down time.
  • Nothing that I can remember!
  • I hate it when some store associates treat customers differently; based on looks for example. I remember going into a clothing store once, and after about 5 minutes I realized it was your typical size-0 store where the biggest size was about a 6. The young pencil-thin store associates looked at me (about a size 16/18) like I was a leper. No smiles or greetings, no asking if I needed help, etc. God that angers me. I made sure to make a comment that they could hear about how pathetic the clothes were only being able to fit a barbie doll and walked out with my head high. No offence at all meant to any naturally-thin girls, but I'm talking about the 'thin ideal' in society and for female body image. And also with bad customer service, I hate it when there's 10 people in line, and only one person on the cash; even though there are other associates in the store doing nothing else, or when they decide to go on break when it's very busy. I worked in customer service myself and know that you're not really supposed to go on a break when there's people waiting. Anyway those are just to name a few...
  • The customer dis-service at my wal-mart is the worst I have EVER seen ANYWHERE. And yes I realize I said dis-service. It was not a typo. It was deliberate to make a point. The only reason I do not just go elsewhere is that there is simply no elsewhere.

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