• Too early to tell.
  • Compaired to who? The previous Idiot In Chief? I think not!
  • All through his earlier life he made one bad decision after another. Jeremiah Wright. That g-d drunken Communist in Hawaii. His failure (self-confessed) as a community organizer. The fact that he's hidden his career, because he's ashamed of it. And now he's had like six scandals during his transition, which as I recall as more than Bush had during two terms. And we've got a so-called stimulus bill that should, if experience is any guide, turn the recession into a depression--he's already promising us double-digit unemployment. That's what happens when you vote for an inexperienced academic with a slim resume for President. Elections have consequences, and if we have a depression and a major terrorist attack and you voted for him, blame yourself.
  • I don't think Obama is a nitwit. But I couldn't say the same for the people who constantly ask archly critical questions about Obama because they are suffering from a bad case of sour grapes.
  • No, just like Austinius said, compared to who? I'm sure Einstein was considered a nitwit by some people as well, and I'm sure they were just as ignorant as the person they claimed to be a nitwit.
  • How long has he been in office? You expect radical change NOW? Are you kidding?
  • No. I think it is just a huge shock to the system how much weight is on your shoulders when you realize you're the President. Also, despite your best efforts, you will make a bunch of dumb mistakes, and every single one will be analyzed 400 times by the media. I don't care who you are or what your politics are, if you are elected to be the President of the United States, you are not a nitwit.
  • Nitwits don't graduate near the top of their class from Harvard Law School and teach Constitution Law at the University of Illinois. That being said, I think he may have underestimated just how entrenched the Washington 'system' is (politicians, staffers, lobbyists, journalists, etc.). While the American people may be ready for a new type of politics, the Establishment is not, and has been fighting Obama every step of the way.
  • No, not even close. He is a very intelligent man. The definition of nitwit is a silly or stupid person. I don't believe he is either.
  • I think he's more of one of those "too smart for their own good" types. I mean, I can understand wanting to be president, but with this mess?
  • No, I think you must mean the previous president. If you meant in comparison to who?...compared to the last president, a rock is Einstein! Seriously, why do people post questions like this? To stir things up or to DR anyone who doesn't agree? The man hasn't been in office a month yet!
  • No and I honestly think you are a nitwit for asking a question like this
  • No he is not. I believe he actually cares about the tremendous responsibility the people who voted him in office have placed upon his shoulders. He hasn't even been in office a month and people are looking for him to fail - which is sad. We gave the last dumb ass 8 full years to screw up the country - its not going to be fixed overnight. Everyone just need to be patient and let the man do his job.
  • Nope. That was Bush.
  • No. He's certainly not a nitwit. Some of his judgment calls, however, have been questionable.
  • No even if you do not agree with his politics he is not a nitwit.
  • Compared to????
  • No, he is pretty smart..Like him or not, there really is no reason to think of him as a nitwit :)
  • You must have dyslexia. He is actually the opposite..a Tiwtin. A Tiwtin is someone who is quite intelligent, smart, bright,brilliant,thoughtful, articulate, talented, capable, even-tempered, and works for the betterment of others. Happy Monday! :)
  • I wish that he was all that so many people would have led us to believe. It would be real nice about now to have some confidence in our government and economic situation..but at the moment it is not looking very promising. I would not call him a nitwit, or anything like that, but I think he made way to many promises to wayyy tooo many of the wrong people/organizations so he could be assured of their vote, now WE THE PEOPLE are having to pay for it.
  • He clearly is if he intends to spend an additional 2 trillion by offering it to the same money lenders that failed previously, and at the same time expect to add this much debt to the deficit without tax increases! Also he lied about getting the troops out of Iraq, now he says he has to protect the troops that are over there! If the military cared about the troops they wouldn't send them into combat in the first place!
  • No. Far from it. I didn't vote for him, but I am not going to indulge in "sour grapes" because he won. I hope he can accomplish at least some of what he promised, but I am afraid he may have set the bar a little high for himself. But then again...maybe not.
  • Nope. Obviously- if he's such a "nitwit" why is he our President?
  • I do not think so.I think rather he has gotten some bad advice.

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