• I only go by the consumers reviews. All the time you see the critics give a C- for a movie, but the reviews from regular folks like you and me will be B+...go figure.
  • Personally I ignore critics because sometimes when they rate a film with a low rating, it turns out it's the sort of thing I like. Besides it's all about personal opinion right? =D
  • my likes and disklikes varry greatly the majority of the time so no i dont trust the movie critics. if you really think about it, they are just guys watching a movie and telling you what they think of it. They speak for some, sure, but the majority? its impossible.
  • Critics watch movies for things that you and I don't. I don't care if the direct was mocking the neo-post-modern-neolithic era, or whatever.
  • I do read movie critics reviews, but I tend to listen to what my friends think of a movie when I'm deciding if I wish to see it.
  • Like Redcatt63, I read the critics opinions. I can look at what they are picing on and pretty well tell whether I'd enjoy the movie. In some cases, they are focused on technical aspects of fil making, acting or directing that simply don't matter to me. Some of them panned Forrest Gump, and I lived the movie. In fact, lots of people loved it.
  • If a film has caught my attention, then i will watch it no matter what anyone else says about it. It's what i think about it that counts lol :)
  • I do read movie reviews to get a general idea of the movie but make my own choice whether I want to see it or not if they think its rubbish and poor it dosent mean I wont like it.
  • I do trust about 90% of the movie reviews. I'm glad I didn't waste money on some movies I thought would be good, but when I watched them on HBO, they sucked - like the reviews said.
  • Not at all!!
  • I often purposely go see a movie whenever a critic says it's bad. I want to make my own decision. So when they said "Mall Cop" was a silly flick, I went to see it with my two little ones. It turns out that was one of the best afternoons we had in a long time! And I consider myself a very well-read and educated person too. :)
  • The critics I trust ok but the ones that usually win all the big awards are the ones I usually don't care for.
  • I never read critic reviews before seeing a movie at the local art-house theater. Only afterwards do I decide if i agree or not. I see practically every one of them. Most recent: "Norman" and "Their Finest" both very good.
  • I most usually go by what I see.

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