• try this... it should also answer the other questions you have asked in the last few minutes.
  • Virgo and capricorn are a good match , Libra not so good but it depends entirely on where all the other planets were at the time and place of birth. We say we are a particular sign but that sign could be very weak in our chart. Other planets could influence us much more
  • capricorn and virgo capricorn and libra hope it helps you somehow :p
  • ive had a capricorn, im male libra-virgo, they really are quite.... anyway, not really
  • its important to know if they are a virgo or a libra first. one will allways dominate over the other depending on when the birtday is. being on the cusp will only flavour the personality like seasoning might flavour food. The tendancy is capricorn and libra will find it harder work to make a sucess of the relationship while capricorn and virgo will find it very easy and are extremely well matched. But there may also be factors which might waver away any possible incompatibilies so never rule anything out and try it first.
  • have no idea

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