• About as annoying to walk in and find a tampon floating in there.Disgusting!
  • This has never happened to me. My bf always puts the toilet seat up when he pees.
  • Not as annoying as when he uses the sink and does not swill it round, or remove the dishes first. I love it here in Arkansas.
  • What kind of a grown man pees ON the toilet instead of IN it? Jeeeez .... I would be re-evaluating my choice in men at that point - seriously!
  • I haven't seen any pee on the seat but, I have seen it on the floor and flipped out hard. I'm so glad I didn't step in it with my bare feet. I still swear to this day he did it on purpose.
  • any male visitors in my house are very well trained and wouldnt do this
  • oh, no, no! well i be damned to just let it be and clean up after him. he WILL so clean there and WILL so never hear the end of it. THATS just down right nasty.
  • That is disgusting!
  • I broke my husband of that. Everytime I went in I checked and if it had pee I called him in and made him clean it off so I could use it and he got so tired of that, he started lifting the seat. Now the seat is always up, but atleast it is dry.
  • It would never be my man's pee. He always lifts the seat. And even though he lifts the seat, I still wipe it down. I've always done that in public bathrooms and it's just a habit now.
  • I got so sick of him not putting the toilet seat up when he pees then not putting it down when he was done that i painted a sign and nailed it to the wall.... its says. " if you like you balls where they are you will raise the seat to pee and put it down afterwards" ..... I take it down when company comes over lol its allitle intimidating.
  • Eww! It's disgusting. Thankfully mine is good about the seat (he grew up with 3 sisters) but when it has happened at my house or elsewhere it makes me want to puke. Especially if you don't notice at first and accidentally sit in it! EEEEWWWWWW!!! "If you sprinkle, when you tinkle, Be a sweetie, Wipe the seatie!"
  • You know, as a man I've NEVER had a problem with basic bathroom etiquette with respect to the toilet seat. Put the seat up when I need to, put it down when I'm done, wipe when necessary. I WILL, however, note a couple personal observations: 1. The hinged seat works in BOTH directions. Don't like it up? Then put it down when you need to. Stop bugging me about leaving it up or complaining about being surprized when you sat down without looking. If the seat cover were down you would have to lift it before you used the toilet anyway, so it should be a no brainer that you should LOOK before you sit. 2. The other thing is this: I have daughters as well as a son. Women CANNOT look me in the face and say that a wet toilet seat is ONLY A MAN THING! Many times I've gone to the bathroom right after one of my little girls has gone and noticed a "snail trail" of pee on the seat that THEY left behind. Or that they evidently decided that they would slouch down or otherwise not sit properly on the seat and spray pee EVERYWHERE. It's a disgusting thing to leave behind for anybody, and I try to instill proper bathroom etiquitte in my kids. But EVERYBODY needs to look before they sit, too. But yeah...clean up after yourself! That's disgusting!
  • About as annoying as when I raise the seat to pee and see blood under the ring, I'd imagine. I shared an apartment with a female many years ago.... We had a disagreement about this whole thing. I can't figure out why women think their so clean and perfect on the toilet!
  • Oh, it's so unpleasant. I cannot stand it!!
  • Constant battle in our house. I tell my wife that i will lower the seat, when finished, if she will raise the seat, when she is finished. I do my part, she does not do hers. I am thinking about inventing an electronic toilet seat that raises and lowers, based on a persons weight. Just an idea. And the battle goes on...............
  • At work a group of three women and three men had one restroom on our break. Ladies first. While waiting for the men afterwards we discovered every one of us had done the same thing -- raised the seat, sat on the porcelain rim (on our hands), and left the seat raised. The men must have been shocked!
  • I know I hate it when my wife pees all over the seat.

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