• My family has a history of Alzheimer. It has always worried me that someday it may sneak upon me. It is such a cruel illness. I have marked this question to send me new answers to it as I too would like the answer. Thank you, Rocket! Axe
  • There is no "set formula", or "timeline" that Alzheimers follows. It is different in every case in respect to onset aand progression. It is without doubt a sad way to go. My mother has it, my grandfather had it. There are medicines such as " Aricept" that are very successful in slowing the progression of the disease.
  • I had Alzheimer's for 4 months now and I never take out the trash.
  • It is a desease that has no set pattern. It progresses at different rates in different people. Some have years before it is noticeable in others it progresses quickly.
  • With my grandmother it took sometime to fully set in. First it just looked like forgetfulness. It mimicked the forgetfulness that you get when you might have when you are tired or on a prescription drug. Then she started calling me by my father's name. He had been dead for 10 years at the time. Eventually she did not anyone of her relatives from the workers at the nursing home. I always wondered what it was like from the inside, if she had moments of awareness or if she was totally oblivious. I hope she oblivious in the last year or two.

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