• I know a guy who did this :s its sick
  • i have done this a few times it feels nice.
  • looool lisa no this guy lived in northampton and he done his mother and dog lool
  • Dude I want this to happen. I want the dog to mount me ad fuck me till I'm filled with dog cum. I'm a guy and I'm not embarrassed to say I want to get fucked by a dog.
  • Take it from me you will be addicted once you have a dogs cock entering your arse, but be careful the first time as his knot can really hurt if you have never had anything inside you before. Tip for you try opening the spinichter gradually with different size butt plugs and then it will not feel so hard or hurt so much. Don't forget to relax, that is so important
  • yes as a matter of fact, and damn was it crazy how good it felt and when he was done he would lick all of his c*m out of dripping flashback that was a long time ago sadly no more dog and wife would probably freak out even if she found out about the past she's just not to into that :-(
  • when I was 18 I was getting dreassed and had a sock fall under the side of my bed. my mother dog took me hard and fast. he slip his knot in and I was his till it poped out
  • Yes, I so happen to. I'm a guy; and I know loads of guys, friends and those in the study, who do this. It's fantastic; feeling that hot cum pump into your arse; a bit like a mini-enema; but it is so small, there's no pain. I held my stools for a whole week once, just to see what it's like to feel the pressure! God, it is bitchfucking brilliant!!! It's in the right place, same for vagina. Any homosexual out there will love it for life. Oooh, the pumping, the cum, the temperature; right on that sensitive 'prostate', down the tight shoot; and the lovely state of cum and shit when you go oral. And for starts and afters, that endless licking and french-kissing. Gentle mauling; and being forced to go into positions of submission. My boy likes to actually 'lick in' my arse. Rolling around with my dog like in play, and sometimes he penetrates me from below before I'm ready, and I have fun getting my leg over to get into doggie position. And then I pull away from him, and he starts to push harder, and I can't escape until he has had his way. It is like being tickled death, when you can't stop them; but in isn't pain, it is pure love, ecstasy; and undying lust; different every time. I've done it this long and haven't die from an STD, and so far, no one has. Well, some people like it clean, but I've learned to like zoo raunch. It can be painful at first; as the spincter; but it doesn't cause damage; I often fit the knot further than the spincter in the cavity; and the suction goes into your rectum, and it feels like secretive ecstasy. No harm comes to me, or him; and when you love; your heart is full of desire, beyond lust; fulfilled, yet empty through wanting more. It's like unlimited gold; and it is so brilliant; all these years, each intercourse you can't remember what it is like; and when you try it again, its like the first tie over and over again! Each time I have sex, I felt like a virgin; hearts desire, and lust; it is fantastic. Say it is sick or not; animal moralists. It is more fantastic than you anti-zoos will ever experience. And that's scientifically proven by how the dog's penis and vagina is designed. The dog's penis is designed for stimulating every cleft and orifice on the human body. And the cum is PLATINUM taste! Tastes like shiny metal, some like, some hate; but it is the temperature and pumping that get's you; and the desperation. Do you recall what it feels like to have your first, favourite, tasty drink after being left thirsty and desperate for water; well it's like that. Powerful, everlasting, undying, beautiful, brilliant, amazing. You'll never look at any human again, let's put it that way! Penetrating a dog is brilliant too; but you being much slow, leaves you begging for a male dog to penetrate you again (vagina or anus, male or female); and yes, people love doggy threesomes. Penetrating a male/female dog; and being penetrated by a male dog; plus the male thrusts your cock into the female and gives you unbelievable prostate and penis stimulation. I have about 2-9 cums per single intercourse because I can't leave; I've learnt how to continue each cum, I used to lose interest straight away (once my balls were emptied). And now, it is just the time that bothers me. I do it daily. I hope this helps!
  • I want this to happen. I'm a guy but I'm bi and the thought of this turns me on so much. I would give him oral to. I always wanted to suck horse cock too. I guess I have a fetish. Hehe. ;)
  • Yes and made a "Slight" mistake. didn't get bent over fully and so it was a touch painful for me. He had a great time..:)

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