• No, I gave it up several years before I got married, and I've been with 5 men. I have no regrets.
  • Not the first time. I was molested and thought it didn't matter if I was no longer a virgin. But after joining The Church I chose to wait the second time.
  • No, I had my first many years ago in Mexico long before I married the first time. Today I understand more about the Lord God and where He stands. Here is the info on the Lord God and
  • Yes. I was a very devout Christian most of my life, and for that reason I abstained from sex until marriage. I am no longer a devout anything at all, and I would encourage others to have an informed, safe, and fulfilling sex life before settling down.
    • Thinker
      Should you go to the web site I gave above you will have the answer to your statement. You are listening to man not the Lord God.
    • Seek
      My statement was not a question, and does not require an answer. It came from myself, not any man nor any man's god.
  • Not even close. I was 17.
  • No, no
  • No. When I was 12, I met a 19 year old woman who taught me everything.
  • Never been married, have had sex a couple of times...

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