• no- think about it this way- when those people spend a lot of money, they put it back into the economy for others to get and spend. u see?
  • no, living the high life can be wastefull but it not the cause of poverty. Corrupt leaders, poor education, lack of birth control and disease are the causes.
  • You think wine and sex are luxuries? So everyone who drinks wine or has sex is somehow impoverishing poor people? Let's take one rich person that many people dislike: Bill Gates. Microsoft employs more than 100,000 people and has created millions of jobs. The increased productivity brought about by Microsoft software has increased the overall wealth of the world and Bill Gates has taken the majority of his personal wealth and turned to towards treating and curing diseases that afflict the poorest people on the planet. Yes he lives a life of luxury, but you cannot claim that what he's done has caused poverty in this world. Of course there are other rich people who've added little or nothing to the world. Paris Hilton comes to mind--but your premise that wine and sex cause poverty is preposterous.
  • Who are you to tell people what to do with their money? How are the top 10% in US household income earners, which an income of $295,845 or higher, responsible for poverty? How does say my wealth affect yours?
  • it might be

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