• Skunks, opossums, hedgehogs....They're all welcome, and i feed them from a SAFE distance. No way am i getting rabies again ^_^
  • We like to watch the squirrels but when they get to be too numerous they get bothersome. Our neighbor feeds the birds and squirrels and they are fun to watch but the squirrels dig up the yard to bury food and dig in my wife's flower pots. The birds eat at the neighbor's and defecate on my deck railings and deck. Too many aren't good either. We have chased the birds and trapped the squirrels to relocate them into the Country.
  • I would first watch them and if they came around often,feed them.They would be,sort of,pets that I do not have to take for a walk or clean their litter box.
  • I would enjoy watching them and probably feed them as well - we get alot of ducks (2 legged critters) around where I live and we feed them too
  • We have Skunks,opossums,raccoons, coyotes and even deer once in awhile but we do not feed any of them. Have been known to set traps for skunks when they get to friendly for the area and the local Trapper picks them up unless they have rabies & in that case they are killed. I like to watch wild life but prefer it to stay across road in fields or fields behind us not my small yard, its for the dogs.
  • I love to watch them, but for their own good and the safety of the human community, it's better not to feed them unless there is some natural disaster that leaves them unable to fend for themselves. Best to let nature have its onw way.
  • Very few four legged critters come into our garden. A grey squirrel is a cause for excitement. It's a shame, because I really like animals...

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