• I quit pom at the end of the season, because it was the last basketball game of the year and they weren't going to let this one girl perform at it for the 1/2time show, because she wasn't the greatest member of the squad and didn't get some moves totally right...It was the last freaking show and I just didn't find their decision right so I walked out of practiced and quit!
  • i quit me senior year of high school football becasue the coach was INSANE and i wanted to live my life.
  • I've quit quite a few teams. And been cut from more still. I'm just not a sports guy.
  • Because it cut into my time I'd rather be spending doing something else.
  • I play a decent level of field hockey here in England, and I am in my first season with a new club after I quit my old club in the summer. There was one jerk there who took things way too seriously, did not pay any heed to the safety of other players on the pitch in the way he tackled and hit the ball, got into fights with opponents on the pitch and was always swearing at umpires. He ruined my enjoyment of the games even though we were winning all the time, and our club was badly thought of by everybody else within the league simply due to the poor conduct of this player, so I decided enough was enough and I would go and play somewhere that was a relatively jerk-free zone. My new team is not as good and we are losing a lot, but I don't regret leaving, I enjoy it more now than when I was winning every week with the old team. That jerk has been made captain too somehow, and I think some other players will be jumping ship this summer for much the same reasons I did.
  • When I was around six I quit soccer within a week of joining simply because I'm a quitter.

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