• Yes I would, and do.
  • Yes, I do. Tree branches fall on houses so seldom, it makes the news. It is very rare. I even read about a person who was parked outside their work and a tree branch fell on them. Accidents can happen anywhere, any time. Being in a car is the biggest hazard known to mankind, yet I bet you travel in a car all the time.
  • I have some trees over 100 foot tall around my house and yes storms knock limbs down and sometimes cause damage. But not as often as one might think. houses are usually built pretty good and the roofs are very strong in most cases. The trees help in both summer and winter months. in the summer they shade it from the sun which keeps it cooler and blocks a lot of the snow from covering the house.
  • I have heaps of trees around my house. As long as they don't make the house too dark, the risk of them dropping a branch is one I'm willing to take. Although I did live in a small cabin type house with a huge fir tree over it which made it really dark,damp and gloomy- i didn't like that. And the pinecones always fell on the roof like bowling balls. When I see a house with nothing around it I think Far out plant some foliage around that sucker pronto.
  • I would live under strong trees!
  • Yes, Most times trees protect yout house, you will rarely get damage from the limbs.
  • I've got huge trees around my house. They are the only thing that gives this little house beauty. As long as they are healthy it isn't a problem.
  • It sounds so nice that when it rains and the droplets are hitting the leaves. Its so relaxing.
  • We have several large trees around our home. We try to keep branches trimmed away from the house. They are beautiful and provide shade for our home which is very energy efficient. We have never had large branches fall on the house.
  • Yes. My parents owned a home that was surrounded by tall pine trees. Very nice.
  • Yes, cause I recently have, but had to cut them down for fire wood.
  • yeah, but think of it this way: it will also be those trees that will block large objects from crashing into your house in a wind storm
  • They don't fall unless they are dead.
  • I would. Maybe not directly next to the house, but we have many many trees in our backyard. Here it is after a fresh snow fall.
  • Yes I would and do live in one. You can have the branches cut back specially those that are near the house, then the danger will be gone. Regards.
  • Yes I would, and I do. I love trees, and when I moved into my house a few years ago, there was not a single decent tree on my lot. I planted 8 trees all around my house, red maple, sugar maple, larch, white pine, ginkgo, pin oak, juniper, and plum. They're still very young trees, so breaking branches don't concern me. I also planted them a fair distance from my house. When they grow bigger, I will be careful to prune out any limbs that may pose a hazard to my house or people. But the beauty of trees and the privacy they give is well worth it. I can't imagine living in a house not surrounded by at least a couple of trees. One of the first trees I planted was this little larch----I planted it when it was just a wee foot high, with my 4 year-old daughter at the time. It gives us pleasure watching it change color every fall.
  • Yes, I have all my life. A tree branch has never fallen on my house. It shades the house very well in the summer. I couldn't live without shade trees in the yard. You have to check the trees and make sure there are not any starting to rot or anything, if they are really sturdy it would take a big storm to do damage
  • I prefer to live with the trees, as I do now, in the woods surrounded by thousands of trees. And it doesn't just rain here, it snows and there are ice storms. It's very rare when a huge branch or tree falls that could hurt a house severely. But it's worth it for it's protection from the worst weather, wind, storms, sun's heat. And for it's great beauty. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Here's a photo of our house just a few weeks ago after a lovely snowfall.

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