• i will call the ambulance
  • You define a friend differently than I but I suppose if I cared I would try to encourage this person to get some help and I would not bend to his will - friends do not blackmail or threaten friends.
  • People should grow the hell up...Let him kill himself who cares..he has insecurity issues...
  • No one can love someone because they are blackmailed. Love can only come from the heart, and has to be "a two way street" with you and your partner. I would tell him: "I care for you. I do NOT love you but I care for you. I do not want you to kill yourself but I can not create feelings for you that I do not have." Then encourage him to get some professional help. Anytime someone threatens suicide, it should always be taken seriously. However, the help he requires cannot come from you. You may be just who he needs, though, to convince him to get help. Good luck to both of you.
  • Call the cops and get that person some help. Good-Luck
  • noone takes me emotionaly hostage. if my emotions don't serve me I kill them myself. if anyone threatens me with suiside I'll give them pointers on how to succeed. threaten me with anything else and you might not get the change to try my advice. giving in to such will only make you miserable for life.
  • I would inform his parents of the situation And advise them to get him the psychological help that he needs. if I didn't know or wasn't able to get in touch with this parents I would call the police and do the same thing.
  • Doesn't sound like a friend to me. And he won't kill himself.
  • i would leave anyways, hes just saying that to control you, hes not going to do that

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