• 2-17-2017 I'm not an expert, I'm just offering common sense. Let's talk about Intelligent Design. Your colon was designed to carry toxic waste. Get used to it. Your colon will NEVER be a nice place, it will ALWAYS be full of s--t. That's what it was designed for. If you are dumping regularly, your colon is as healthy as it will ever be. If you have any doubts, the first thing you need to do is eat more vegetables. Veggies are part of the Intelligent Design, you know. The fiber cleans the pipes. If you want some extra cleaning action, try a couple tablespoons of unprocessed miller's bran (in the cereal section of your grocery store) mixed into milk or juice. If you can't notice any difference, your colon is as clean as it needs to be. As for the process marketed as "colon cleanse", it gives me the willies. Your colon is a store of minerals that haven't been absorbed yet. The only way to cleanse it is don't eat for a few days. I have seen some people who tried it. They were very diligent and carefully followed instructions. It is important to follow instructions because the process can hurt you if you don't do it right. The first thing I notice about these people is red blotches, usually around the knuckles but also faintly visible on other parts. The blotches are a symptom of mineral deficiencies. When I talk to them I get the impression that they are nervous, as if they itch all over. That is also a symptom of mineral deficiencies. Since mineral deficiencies are so common in the USA, I would recommend that you seek medical advice and tests before beginning such a regimen. It would also be interesting to get a nutritional analysis of that rabbit food that is a central part of the process. Alfalfa is supposed to be a great food, but only if it is unprocessed. In my opinion, even if the colon cleanse works as claimed it is something you don't need. If you have actual complaints about the operation of your colon you need to see a doctor. Or just eat your vegetables.

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